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Youtube is one of the biggest video-sharing platforms. It has over 2 Billion users who logging YouTube each month to watch Youtube videos. People spend lots of their time watching videos, movies, and shows. So, it is very common that you may find something that you wanna share outside of youtube. It may be a concert recording or a cat video. Using an online youtube video downloader, you can easily save and download the Youtube videos. You can simply visit these web services and quickly download youtube videos online.

Using an online youtube downloader has several advantages. You can download a video in different formats or convert it into audio. Access the downloads offline and watch them ad-free. Share it with your friends and family on different platforms. It is usually a quick and easy process and, most online Youtube downloaders let you download subtitles too. So Download your favorite Youtube videos and add them to your Laptop or mobile memory using these online Youtube video downloaders.

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List of 10 Best Online Youtube Downloaders

1. Y2Mate

y2mate youtube video downloader

Y2mate is a quick and simple way to download Youtube videos online. It lets you download youtube videos in several different formats. You have to paste the URL or search for a video with keywords. Then you can choose the format for download. After conversion, you can download the file. Y2mate Youtube video downloader is also completely free and require no registration.

Try Y2mate Youtube Downloader Online

2. VidPaw

vidpaw online youtube downloader

VidPaw is another free online youtube downloader and works like the Y2mate downloader. First, you have to either search for the video or copy-paste the URL. Then you can choose the format, size, or quality of the output. There are options to convert the video into audio or download subtitles if available. After simply click on “download” to save the file. It is a quick and easy process. You can use it online or download the app.

Try VidPaw to download videos online

3. BitDownloader

Bitdownloader online YouTube video downloader

BitDownloader is one of the most popular ones on our list of best online YouTube video downloader. It is free and lets you download videos without any limitations. It is a safe and secure option that lets you download copyright free videos. BitDownloader also works as a converter for youtube videos. Various formats and video qualities are available. It can also convert videos to audio.

Try BitDownloader Video Downloader

4. Video Grabber

video grabber online youtube video downloader

Video Grabber is a very simple and easy to use youtube video downloader. It not only downloads Youtube videos online but also downloads the videos from facebook, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo, etc. All you have to do is copy-paste the link of the video and click “Download”.There are different video and audio formats available. For a high-quality video download, you have to switch to the pro version. Besides that, it’s free. The Video Grabber comes with a video editor, video converter, and screen recorder.

Try Video Grabber Video Downloader

5. GetVideo

Get Video online video downloader

GetVideo is another easy to use web service to download youtube videos online. It just requires you to copy-paste the link and click on “Download Video”. It converts video into different formats likemp4, WebM, audio, 3gpp, x-flv. There are video quality options too. You can download youtube videos for free and leave feedback. It also support Vimeo along with Youtube.

Try Getvideo Online Video Downloder

6. Savefrom.net

savefrom online youtube video downloader

Savefrom is a free web service, as well as a browser add-on. You can visit the site to download youtube videos online or add the extension and download youtube videos in one click. It requires just the video link. There is a shortcut too, just add “savefrom.net/” or “sfrom.net/ before the URL to download the youtube videos. There are multiple video quality options and formats available. It is free but does show a lot of ads. Savefrom also supports multiple platforms like Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, VK, Vimeo, etc to download the videos online.

Try Savefrom Online Video Downloader

7. QDownloader

qdownloader online youtube downloader

Qdownloader online Youtube video download is pretty similar to BitDownloader. Both of these work in the same way. Just like BitDownloader, it doesn’t allow users to download music videos or copyright content. The video formats are also similar. Additionally, it lets you download from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

Try Qdownloader Video Downloader

8. YouTubNow

YoutubeNow online youtube video download

YouTubNow is the best free online youtube downloader with no download limit. It converts videos into audio too. You can choose a different format and quality to download your favorite youtube videos for free. There is a shortcut too to download the Youtube videos. You just have to add “now” after “youtube” in the URL. YouTubNow does not require registration or any login info, hence giving fast service.

Try YouTubNow Youtube Video Downloader Online

9. Ymp4

Ymp4 online youtube video downloader

Ymp4(commonly known as ym4 youtube download) youtube video downloader analyzes the URL and converts it into an mp4 or mp3 file. Then you can download and save this file. It is free without any download limitations. It also lets you download youtube playlists. Ym4 is also available as a downloadable web extension.

Try Ymp4 Youtube Video Downloader Online

10. iTubeGo

itubego online youtube downloader

iTubeGo is not a web service but it is the best downloader to download Youtube videos that's why we added this into our list. This downloader lets users download HD quality youtube videos. It detects the URL automation and lets you convert and save the videos. Apart from Youtube, it works for 10,000+ streaming websites. It lets you choose audio and video quality too. iTubeGo supports multiple downloads all at once. You can download full playlists and subtitles too. It offers both paid and free versions.

Try iTubeGo Youtube Video Downloader

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