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August 17, 2018 13503 Samridhi Top 5 Youtube Video Downloader

Want to download YouTube videos? Then here is the list of best YouTube video downloader for Android that helps you to download the youtube videos and have access wherever and wherever you want. Surfing YouTube online has become a habit, but that too is limited by the internet data available and speed. Downloading the youtube videos and thus guaranteeing the access over it for one’s lifetime is the best option left today. Though YouTube does not provide any downloader on play store for some of the available videos, there still exist numerous third-party youtube video downloaders that aid in downloading the YouTube video. Let’s have a look.

List Of 5 Best Youtube Video Downloaders For Android

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It is one of the best video downloaders for Android providing the facility to download the video not only from YouTube but also from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, VK and many more, it is one of the most recommended video downloaders. It supports almost all formats for downloading the video. Following are some of the salient features of Videoder.


  1. Allows you to download videos and music from many sites.

  2. Allows you to convert one format to other. For instance, if one wants to download only sound encoded in the video, can convert the video to mp3 format and then download.

  3. Supports multiple formats to download the videos.

  4. Provide the Adblocker facility, to ensure smooth and disturbance-free streaming.

  5. Supports batch downloading. One can even download the complete playlist in one click.

Download Videorder


Videoder provides three ways to download YouTube videos.

  • Download YouTube videos using Videoder search:

    1. Search for the video or audio you want to download on the search bar.

    2. Select and choose the play/download option in desired quality format.

    3. Set location and number of thread and wait till the download is complete.

  • Download Youtube videos using the YouTube website.

    1. Search for the desired content in the search bar.

    2. Tap on the download option in the red bubble.

    3. Set location and number of threads and it’ll start downloading.

  • Download YouTube videos directly from YouTube app using Videoder’s ‘Copy link detection’ feature.

    1. Search the required content in the YouTube app search bar.

    2. Tap the share button and select the Videoder.

    3. Set location and number of threads. The file will start downloading.


Tubemate video downloader

TubeMate is one of the most popular video downloader for android. It not only provides the option for the user to download the file from the variety of sites but also in a number of available formats and in desired quality. The frequent ads might sometime irritate the user. But overall it is a worthy app to try hands on.


  1. Provides the options to choose the site to download the content.

  2. Can download multiple files parallelly in desired quality and format.

  3. The downloaded item is stored in external/ internal memory.

  4. The updates are automatically installed.

  5. The playlist list feature provides local playback and the better streaming support.

Download Tubemate


The process to download the content is pretty simple here.

  1. Open the TubeMate app, and search for the desired file.

  2. Choose and Click on watch/download button.

  3. A pop up will ask for the quality and format of the file.

  4. Wait till the download is complete.


Snaptube video downloader

Snaptube is a third party video downloading application. It does not only has a user-friendly interface, but its fast speed makes it more reliable and trustworthy. Snaptube allows the user to download the video from the desired site in the desired format. Let’s have a quick look over its features:


  1. It supports a wide range of sites for video download.

  2. The user can download the video in a variety of supported format and quality.

  3. One can easily search video using keywords.

  4. Snaptube is trustworthy, has a reasonable and appropriate term of privacy.

Download Snaptube


  1. Choose and open YouTube mobile site from SnapTube homepage.

  2. Search the video from the search option available.

  3. Click on the red download button at the bottom of the video.

  4. The video will start downloading and will automatically be stored in phone’s storage.

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Instube video downloader

It is one the best and fastest YouTube video downloader for android. It provides the video downloading option from over more than 27 sites in the solid format and resolution at super speed. It’s easy and reliable performance has made it more famous as the youtube video downloader for android. Instube allows one to download any video within the code of conduct of any size and from any supported site.


  1. It provides the best user-friendly interface that makes it reliable.

  2. It supports various formats to download the file in. The user can choose any desired format.

  3. Built-in video locker to protect your privacy.

  4. It provides the option to have a look over the latest movies and videos that help one to be active in the real world.

  5. It offers amazing downloading speed.

Download Instube


  1. Open the app, and search for the desired video in the search bar.

  2. Play the video; choose the red download button at the bottom of the video.

  3. Choose the desired format and the set it for download.


Newpipe video downloader

It is the open source video player with a very interactive user interface. It provides a real-time experience of watching and downloading the video in best of the quality and resolution. The application also provides a background player that enables you to play any YouTube songs in the background while you using other apps. Besides this various other features make the application more interactive and popular. So if you want to feel the youtube app experience with downloading functionality then this is the best choice.


  1. Open source software with an intuitive interface.

  2. It also provides ad-free atmosphere thus making the user have smooth watching.

  3. It offers fast downloading speed.

  4. Moreover, the app ensures privacy. It doesn’t save any user data nor use any service methods that analyze the user behavior.

  5. It offers amazing options for channel subscriptions, video pop-up mode, 4K support, multiple themes, etc.

Download Newpipe


  1. Search the required video or file from the search option in the app main screen.

  2. Click on the red download button at the bottom of the video.

  3. Choose the video quality and format to get the video downloaded.

  4. Wait till the process is over.

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