10 Best Android Kids Games for 5 to7 Years Old Kids


In the digital era, where technology plays an integral role in our daily lives, the new generation of kids growing up is bound to be immersed in a world of screens and digital experiences. To harness the potential of this digital landscape, kids’ games and educational games have emerged as powerful tools for learning and entertainment for children.

Parents can use such apps to teach their kids valuable lessons on different subjects as well as track their progress through report cards or dashboards.

List of 10 Best Android Kids Games for Kids

1. Lingokids

lingokids app

Lingokids is one of the best kids games apps for kids of 3 to10 years.With its extensive collection of over 1200+ interactive games and activities, learning becomes an exciting and enjoyable adventure. The app features content from the Oxford University Press, ensuring top-notch educational material. Lingokids is entirely ad-free, providing a secure environment for young learners. The app covers more than 650+ objectives across various subjectsincluding maths, science, music, art, and many more.


  1. Ad-free

  2. Over 1200 interactive activities

  3. Content from Oxford University Press

  4. Modern life skills

  5. 650+ objectives from different subjects

  6. Play learning methods

  7. Track progress and achievements

  8. Subjects, themes, and levels grow with kids learning

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2. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids Learning

Khan Academy Kids app offers a remarkable introduction to early education, providing a wealth of engaging resources. Children can embark on a reading journey through captivating storybooks and phonics games, while alsolearning writing skills through letter tracing and playful activities. Additionally, kids can unleash their energy through singing, dancing, and yoga exercises. The app is designed and created by experts and doesn’t contain any kind of ads.Teachers can use Khan Academy Kids app to assign tasks to students based on their needs and also track their progress.


  1. No ads or subscriptions

  2. Educational games and lessons

  3. Kids can trace letters and practice writing

  4. Learn maths with playful characters

  5. Kids’ songs and yoga videos

  6. Kids’ storybooks

  7. Emotional and physical development

  8. Assign tasks and track progress

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3. MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUP Educational Games

The MentalUP app provides a multitude of educational games designed to enhance crucial skills such as attention, memory, visual and linguistic comprehension, logical reasoning, and arithmetic proficiency of kids. With just 20 minutes of online brain training, kids can strengthen their cognitive abilities. The app features a vast collection of kids games and activitiesthat includes over 1000 brain games, 500+ enjoyable fitness exercises, and IQ tests suitable for all ages. Moreover, this app is not limited to kids alone, as it can beused by any member of the family. MentalUP is a comprehensive platform that ensures mental and physical development in a fun and engaging manner.


  1. 1000+ brain games

  2. 500+ fitness exercises

  3. 20 minutes of daily workout

  4. IQ test for all ages

  5. Improves attention

  6. Improve memory and learning ability

  7. Develop problem-solving and logical reasoning skills

  8. Numerous maths gamesfor kids of 4-12 years

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4. TinyTap

TinyTap Kids Learning Games

Transform your child’s screen time into a valuable learning experience with the TinyTap app which offers an impressive collection of over 150,000 interactive learning games tailored for children aged 2-8. Each game is made by teachers, ensuring quality and educational value. With personalized game recommendations, children can practice essential skills and explore various subjects based on their age and needs. The app provides a safe and ad-free environmentand also includes games from the esteemed Oxford University Press.


  1. Ad-free app

  2. Free trial available

  3. Over 150,000 educational games

  4. Various subject-related games

  5. Learn key skills according to age and need

  6. Contents are made by teachers

  7. Include games from Oxford University Press

  8. Kid-friendly navigation

  9. Parent’s dashboard to track kids’ progress

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5. Piano Kids

Piano Kids Music & Songs

The Piano Kids App is a delightfulmusic and song appdesigned to provide a fun and interactive learning experience for kids. With a wide array of musical instruments such as thepiano, xylophone, electric guitar, flute, etc.children can use their fingers to create beautiful melodies. With the Piano Kids app, kids can explore the world of music and learn to play instruments with authentic sounds. The colorful and vibrant interface of the app captures children’s attention, making learning music an exciting adventure through engaging games. The app features four modes – Instruments, Songs, Sounds, and Playwith which children can develop their musical skills.


  1. Enhance music skills

  2. Play various instruments

  3. 30 popular songs to learn and play

  4. Stimulates imagination and creativity

  5. Child-friendly colorful interface

  6. improves memorization and concentration

  7. Learn about different topics with kids games

  8. 4 different modes- instruments, songs, sounds, and play

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6. Educational Game 4 Kids

Educational Game 4 Kids

Educational Game 4 Kids is another great kids games app that offers 12 entertaining educational games designed for kids with colorful characters and graphics. You can switch between three different languages i.e. English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The games in this app will help kids tolearn about animals and their sounds, shapes, painting and coloring, the concept of time, and many more. With a virtual piano, kids can delve into the world of music, understand musical notes, and play 12 delightful songs available.


  1. Ad-free app

  2. 3 different languages

  3. 12 educational games

  4. Learn about animals and their sounds

  5. Play piano and learn to paint

  6. Learn about time and shapes

  7. Learn about different emotions

  8. Solve mazes and play pinball

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7. Kutuki

Kutuki Kids App

Kutuki is another remarkable app made in India for the preschool learning of kids. It is developed by teachers and offers a wide range of features designed to enhance early childhood education. With Phonics, children can improve their reading and writingas well as explore over150 preschool topics through stories and games. One interesting feature of this app that makes it suitable for Indian parents is that kids can learn their mother tongues by watching stories in local languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, etc through this app.


  1. Made by teachers

  2. 150+ preschool topics

  3. Kids can learn their mother tongue

  4. Screen-free listening to rhymes

  5. Tracing activities

  6. Complete preschool topics coverage

  7. Learn as per NEP/NCP

  8. Weekly report card of child’s performance

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8. Spelling & Phonics

Spelling & Phonics Kids Games

For parents seeking to enhance their child’s vocabulary and expand their word knowledge, Spelling & Phonics is a must-have app. This ad-free application features a diverse range of educational games specifically designed to make vocabulary-building an enjoyable experience for kids.They offer different game modes that include Spelling, Fill in Blank, Blank Spellings, and Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC).Children are immersed in interactive challenges accompanied by colorful characters andanimations. The app offers kids certificates and stickers to showcase their achievementsand parents totrack their progress.


  1. Ad-free app

  2. Multiple spelling games

  3. Different games modes

  4. Learn to spell by sounding out words

  5. Colorful graphics and animations

  6. Kids can collect stickers and certificates

  7. Access kids’ report cards

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9. Early Learning App For Kids

Early Learn

The Early Learning App For Kids is a completely free-to-use and engaging educational platform with interactive and enjoyable activitiesthat offers an effective way for kids to learn essential skills such as the ABCs, rhymes, numbers, animal names, and fruit names. The app features a vibrant and colorful interface, capturing children’s attention and fostering an immersive learning experience. Kids can dive into activities that focus on ABCs, alphabets, numbers, animal names, fruit names, and nursery rhymes.


  1. Several kids games

  2. Learn the alphabet and numbers

  3. Learn animals and fruits names

  4. Learn Nursery Rhymes

  5. Access report cards of kids

  6. Developed by educational experts

  7. Colorful and child-friendly design

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10. Duolingo ABC

Learn to Read - Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language-learning app and they havecome up witha kid’s learning app named Duolingo ABC designed to foster a love for reading in children. The app features over 700 reading lessons designed to make kids fall inlove with learning.The app is ad-free and has numerous kids games that inspire exploration and curiosity inthem and engage them inactivities such as letter tracing, interesting stories, etc.


  1. Ad-free app

  2. Reading games

  3. Over 700 reading lessons

  4. Offline Learning

  5. Bite-sized lessons

  6. Letter tracing and gamified stories

  7. Designed by educational experts

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