10 Best Bodybuilding Apps for Android and iPhone


Who doesn’t want a fit and attractive body? Everyone desires to showcase the best version of themselves in front of others and bodybuilding is one of the best ways to define yourself and stay fit. There is a popular quote that says a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and that’s why people nowadays are more conscious about their body, fitness, and health.

A Good-looking body not only shows your physical wellness but also boosts your confidence, improves your willpower and makes you more disciplined. So in this article, we have curated a list of the 10 best bodybuilding apps for iPhone and Android. No matter whether you’re a rookie or a pro, these apps can help you out in achieving your fitness goals. Each app has its features so choose the app wisely after going through each feature.

List of 10 best Bodybuilding Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker (By Jefit Inc.)

gym workout plan

Whether you want to gain muscles or lose weight Jefit is the one of best bodybuilding apps for you where you can plan your exercise routine and track it. With over 1400 exercises and numerous workout plans, Jefit stands to be the top choice for gym guys.

When you select an exercise you get an HD instructional video of it along with audio and textual guide with steps. It also recommends you the equipment to use for a particular exercise and tells you the target muscles. With Jefit you can track your workout progress from your watch and stay motivated from its Discover section.

Play Store Rating: 4.2

Play Store Review: 87K


  1. Professionally built workout plans for everyone

  2. Track your workout

  3. Plan you workout

  4. Discover other people in the community section

  5. Rest timer, and interval timer

  6. Body measurements system and other tools

  7. Track your progress from your smartwatch

  8. Over 1400 exercises with video demonstration

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2. Strong (By Strong Fitness PTE. LTD.)

strong fitness

Strong is a straightforward and easy-to-use bodybuilding app with which you can easily make your workout plan by adding exercises to your custom templates and tracking your progress. It has several exercises with animated videos and textual instructions.

The app has advanced statistics that show your personal records and progression. It also has a cloud feature as well so that you can automatically back up your data on your device.

Play Store Rating: 4.3

Play Store Review: 40K


  1. Simple and easy UI/UX

  2. Various types of calculators

  3. Track your progress with graphs and charts

  4. A vast range of cardio and strength exercises

  5. Animated instructional videos

  6. You can also add your own favorite exercises and routines

  7. Auto-backup your data with cloud sync

  8. Supports imperial and metric units of weights

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3.FitNotes - Gym Workout Log

fit notes

FitNotes is a free bodybuilding app with no ads. The app team focused more on a simple and clean UI so that every user could navigate easily. The app UI looks like a paper where you can save and track each rep. It also provides you a graph view to visualize your daily progress so that you can easily highlight the areas to improve.

Play Store Rating: 4.8

Play Store Review: 27K


  1. Graphical representation of daily progress

  2. Very clean and simple design

  3. Customise your workout routine

  4. Workout logs

  5. Free without ads

  6. Backup and restore data from Google drive, Dropbox etc

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4. Home Workout – No Equipments (By Leap Fitness Group)

leap fitness group

The Leap Fitness Group has various bodybuilding apps but Home Workout is a unique one. The app has lots of installed with a rating of 4.8 that makes it one of the best app for bodybuilding. With this app, anyone can build muscles and stay fit by doing the daily workout exercises without going to the gym. The exercises in this app focus on all your main muscle groups and cover abs, legs, chest, and arms.

You will also get the animated and video instructions while performing the exercise and a timer. You can track your progress from the report section and know how many calories you have burnt, the time spent, and the number of workouts performed.

Play Store Rating: 4.8

Play Store Review: 3M


  1. Home workout programs

  2. Nice and very simple UI/UX

  3. No need for gym equipment

  4. Warm-up and stretching excercise

  5. Records training progress automatically

  6. Track your BMI regularly

  7. Discover body-focused and other types of exercises

  8. Video and animation guide for beginners

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5. Pro Gym Workout (By Fitcraft Technologies)

fitcraft technologies app

Pro Gym Workout is the perfect app for your workout training with no trainer. It has over 120 offline exercises and 10 workouts including abs workouts, chest Workouts, legs workouts,s and many more to achieve your fitness goal without any trainer.

For every exercise, you get a video of a professional bodybuilder that shows you the right technique. You can write notes and read descriptions of the exercise. Also, you can create your own workout plan with customized sets and reps as per your goals.

Play Store Rating: 4.5

Play Store Review: 77K


  1. Workout tracker

  2. Search exercises easily

  3. 120 Offline exercises

  4. Several bodybuilding plans

  5. Create custom workout routines

  6. Workout videos by professional bodybuilders

  7. Provide various utility tools like protein calculator, calories calculator

  8. Daily tips to maintain and grow your muscles

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6. Hevy (By Hevy)

hevy app screenshots

Heby is a great gym logger workout planner and tracker app that helps you achieve the body type you want. It has a simple UI where you can navigate to different sections easily. You can explore or create your workout routine, copy your friend's workout routine, follow your friend's progress, etc. You can also find the video tutorials of every exercise and read the steps to perform it correctly.

Heavy is a completed free bodybuilding app with no ads at all but you can buy the pro version to access the additional features without limitations.

Play Store Rating: 4.8

Play Store Review: 52K


  1. Hundreds of exercise high quality videos for free

  2. Search and follow athletes/users and copy their routines

  3. Various pre-made workout plans for all users

  4. Create your custom workout routines or copy friend's routine

  5. Workout calendar to stay scheduled for your routine

  6. Customize automatic rest timer

  7. Personal dashboard to view your progress

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7. Home Workout (By Hazard Studios)

hazard studios

No gym subscription and workout equipment? Don’t worry Home Workout app is the best bodybuilding app for home workouts which is specially designed for people to work out at their homes without equipment.

It has various workout challenges and workout programs with animated instructional videos that focus on different muscles of the body. Also, they designed 3D modeling so that you always do the exercise correctly. You can also find fat-burning, muscle-specific, and other exercises and workout programs in the Discover section.

Play Store Rating: 4.5

Play Store Review: 39K


  1. Voice guide

  2. Customize your workout

  3. Weight and calories chart

  4. BMI indicator

  5. Over 300 exercises

  6. Over 200 workout plans

  7. Fat-burning and HIIT workouts

  8. 3D video tutorials for each exercise

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8. Fitness app (By Fitness Online LCC)

fitness online

Fitness online offers a full body workout with beautifully 3D-designed video tutorials for each exercise for completely free. You can select pre-made workout plans or create a custom workout routine from the workout builder. You can also post your workout pics and videos on feeds and can chat with other users and trainers.

The fitness app has a library of handbooks on different topics like sports nutrition, exercises, etc that help you to be informed. Overall Fitness Online is best suited for those people who do workout without a trainer.

Play Store Rating: 4.5

Play Store Review: 28K


  1. Personal feed

  2. Find people from the community section

  3. Workout, fitness, and dietary tracker

  4. Over 300 exercises with 3D animations or videos

  5. Different units for height and weight

  6. Handbooks on various subjects

  7. Chat with users and trainers

  8. Dashboard with a workout calendar and body measurements

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9. Fitness and Bodybuilding (VGFIT LCC)

vgfit workout app

If you are willing to buy a subscription for the bodybuilding app then the Fitness and Bodybuilding app can be one of the best choices. You get the option of a monthly and yearly subscription. The latter one is heavily discounted. VGFIT offers you 150+ exercises with video and stepwise instructions.

It also shows you the target muscles of each exercise and you can set your 4-week goal as well. You can either choose a pre-made workout program or make your own. The app has a weight tracker so you can manage your weight as well.

Play Store Rating: 4.5

Play Store Review: 215K


  1. Over 150 exercises

  2. Various pre-made workout programs

  3. A detailed description of each exercise

  4. Photo and video guidance for each exercise

  5. Make your custom workout routine

  6. Built-in timer and calendar

  7. Discounted yearly subscription

  8. Access your progress with interactive graphs

  9. Switch between two different weighing units

  10. Weight tracker

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10. StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log (By StrongLifts)

weight lifting log

StrongLifts is considered another best app for your gym workout training and planning. Create different workouts for yourself, access the workout calendar, and make notes. You can learn over 100 exercises with detailed instruction videos. StrongLifts supports Google Fit and has a community of 3.5 million users.

With the help of StrongLifts, you can toggle the timer feature and can switch between different weighing units. You get the 7 days of premium trial after which you can buy it to access the full features of the app.

Play Store Rating: 4.7

Play Store Review: 100K


  1. Keep track of your progress

  2. Make your workout notes

  3. Plate calculator and warm-up calculator

  4. Create your own workouts, and exercises

  5. Sync your workouts with Google Fit

  6. Supports kg and lb weight units

  7. Video and instructions to improve your form

  8. Free StrongLifts strength training programs

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