10 Best CCleaner Alternatives to Clean Your PC


Your PC clutters up slowly with all the unnecessary and residual files from the different applications you run, and tasks you perform. With no time it starts looking messy and laggy. Sometimes people even face viruses and malware attacks that severely hamper their data and systems. Since the junk files start piling over time and deteriorate your PC’s performance, it’s important to have a periodic check on them.

CCleaner has been the popular PC enhancer tool preferred by numerous people to optimize their PC. However, it’s not the only software that canclean and repair your PC. There are variousoptions available in the marketwith similar functions and if you’re looking for an all-in-one PC cleaner and optimizer tool, then you should definitely go through this article where we have listed the 10 best CCleaner alternatives to clean your PC.

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List of 10 Best CCleaner Alternatives to Clean Your PC

1. Restoro

windows optimizer

If you’re looking for the best CCleaner alternative, then Restoro can be your top pick. It can safely and securely Optimize your PC and remove malware threats. It’s an all-in-one Windows cleaner tool that can repair damaged files, remove potentially harmful contents and restore your PC to maximum performance. Restorohas 3 types of plans, Basic, Premium, and Extended. You get unlimited use and 24/7 support for 1 year with Premium and Extended plans.


  1. Free trial available

  2. Real-time virus protection and removal

  3. Repair Virus damages

  4. Free disk space

  5. Clean and optimize the Windows registry

  6. 24/7 customer support

  7. Restore the performance of the PC

  8. Can fix various Windows issues like BSoD, Virus Damage, etc

  9. Powerful hardware, security, and stability scan

2. Advanced SystemCare

iobit asc

IObit has a popular range of PC utility software and one of them is Advanced SystemCare which aims to improve the performance of your PC, clean junk files, free space, clear old registries, and provide privacy protection. The basic version boosts your PC’s performance and internet connection while the pro version has many additional and useful features. This software also comes with an AI mode that can learn, adapt, and gives your PC personalized care.


  1. Browser protection

  2. AI-enabled personalized cleaning

  3. Schedule scanning of PC

  4. Blocks any unauthorized access to your PC

  5. Clean junk files and save space with one click

  6. Optimize your PC on startup

  7. One-click software updater

  8. Real-time protection from viruses and malware

3.System Mechanic

iolo system mechanic

System Mechanic is a fantastic Windows optimizing, antivirus, and privacy tool by Iolo that enhances your PC’s performance, protection, and privacy. In addition, it has many other remarkable features like malware removal, password manager, file recovery, etc. It cleans out all the junk from your Windows and boosts your internet speed as well. System Mechanic has evolved from a PC tuning software to an around PC enhancer and you should definitely give it a try with its trial version.


  1. Free trial available

  2. Automated cleaning

  3. Secures your data and protects your privacy

  4. Repair various issues on your PC

  5. Optimizes network speed

  6. Removes bloatware

  7. Boosts PC, and optimizes RAM, CPU, and disk

  8. Cleans junk, temporary files, and invalid registries

4. WinOptimizer

Ashampoo winoptimize

The WinOptimizer from Ashampoo is amazing both in terms of user interface and features. It comes with a double boost and makes your PC smooth, secure, and clutter-free. It removes unnecessary registries, windows files, updates, etc making your PC junk-free and fast. It is fully compatible with Windows 11 and has a Game booster, Live tuner, Undeleter, and many other functions.


  1. Free version available

  2. Intuitive user interface

  3. Privacy manager

  4. Optimize the system and enhance performance

  5. Auto clean, Live tuner, and Game booster

  6. File wiper and Undeleter

  7. Uninstall the manager and process manager

  8. Cleans old updates, system caches, and registries

5. OutByte PC Repair

outbyte pc repair

OutByte PC repair tool is a powerful CCleaner alternative to optimize your PC performance by cleaning junk files and invalid registries. It provides you with 24/7 support help and comprehensive system diagnostics with advanced protection from vulnerable websites, and corrupted software. It is complementary to your PC’s antivirus and can fix various types of issues that can go wrong on your device.


  1. Free trial available

  2. Real-time PC boost

  3. 24/7 support help

  4. Cleans invalid registries

  5. Restores system efficiency and stability

  6. Cleans unwanted cache and temporary files

  7. Gives you a performance overview of the PC

  8. Online privacy protection from trackers

  9. Securely Optimize deletes files with no chance of restoring

6. AVG PC TuneUp

avg pc tuneup

As the name suggests, the AVG PC TuneUp is a cross-platform PC optimizer and cleaner tool that can significantly enhance the smooth and safe functioning of your PC. AVG PC TuneUp gives you 24/7 maintenance support and cleans all the junk files, uninstalls unnecessary software, and speeds up your pc thus giving it all the careit needs.


  1. Free trial of 7 days

  2. Software uninstaller

  3. Optimizes your PC’s performance

  4. 24/7 automatic maintenance

  5. Removes junk files and frees up space

  6. Update your programs automatically

  7. Available on Windows, macOS, and Android

7. Glary Utilities

glary utilities pc

If you’re looking for a free, all-in-one, Windows cleaner and optimizer tool then you should go for Glary Utilities. It’s free and powerful utility software to clean your PC, fix issues, and optimize performance. It provides you with over 20 tools to enhance the overall performance and security of your PC. It frees up drive space from junk, prevents crashes, protects your privacy, and makes your PC run faster.


  1. Free to download

  2. Startup manager

  3. Browser assistant

  4. Cleans all the junk files

  5. Disk space analyzer

  6. Find and remove duplicate files

  7. Fixes errors, crashes, and freezes

  8. Recover lost or deleted files

8. Avast Cleanup

avast cleanup

Avast Cleanup is another cross-platform optimizing and tuning tool that cleans junk and bloatware programs, defrags your HDD, cleans up your browser, and much more. The registry cleaner works effectively and the automatic maintenance eases the manual work. Avast Cleanup comes with various types of maintenance and cleaning tools to keep your PC fast and updated.


  1. Sleep mode

  2. Free trial of 30 days

  3. Automatic maintenance

  4. Updates your apps automatically

  5. Disk cleaner and bloatware removal

  6. Browserz registry, and shortcut cleaner

  7. Disk defrag and optimize

  8. Tuning dashboard and action center

9. Clean Master

cheetah mobile

The Clean Master PC enhancer tool by Cheetah Mobile has been very popular both on Android and Windows. The standard version of Clean Master is free to download and cleans your PC, residual, and registry junk files. It boosts and improves the speed of your PC by fixing lagging issues. You can access the privacy cleaner, driver booster, file recovery, and other features with a paid professional edition. The UI is simple and easy to use.


  1. Free version available

  2. Driver booster

  3. Free storage space from residual files

  4. Enhances PC’s performance

  5. Auto-clean PC junk and browser

  6. File shredder to delete files beyond recovery

  7. Protects your privacy with an anti-tracking feature

10. Privazer

privazer pc cleaner

A free PC enhancer tool for Windows that can clean your PC with one click and protection your privacy. Privazer is another decent alternative to CCleaner that you download for free. It detects and cleans the browsing history, cookies, registries, and other residual traces on your PC. It gives you a proper visualization of its scans. You can also upgrade to the Pro version of Privazer to get more of it.


  1. Free version available

  2. Schedule your cleanups

  3. Secure cleanup with one click

  4. Visualisation of scans

  5. Privacy protection

  6. Definitive and irreversible deletion

  7. Removes unwanted files, Cookies, registries, etc

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