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Mental health issues are becoming common day by day. Proper guidance and diagnosis can resolve issues like anxiety, depression, etc. Workshops are organized to educate people related to mental fitness. We can also keep a proper track of these issues using the best Mental Health Apps. These apps help us in monitoring our activities. Most of the people do not understand that anxiety is not a random thing which is to be neglected by listening to music or sleeping. They can harm a person emotionally as well as mentally.

To relieve us from such problems there is an app for Mental health. Artificial intelligence is used in these best Mental health apps to keep a record of your mood. It helps you have a conversation with a bot to resolve the issues. Depression has been increasing drastically these days and these mental health apps have become a handy solution for overcoming it.

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List of 10 best Mental Health Apps of 2020 that will help you deal with mental fitness problems

1. Youper AI Therapy

Best Mental Health Apps

Youper AI Therapy is one of the best mental health apps which helps you in dealing with anxiety or depression. It identifies your emotions and helps you in meditation. You can have a conversation with this mental health app that uses Artificial intelligence to understand your mental state. It is created by therapists to provide you with the best results.


  • Uses Artificial Intelligence

  • Mood tracker

  • Meditation

  • Gratitude journal

  • Meyers-Briggs Personality test

Available for iPhone and Android

2. What’s Up?

Best Mental Health Apps

What’s Up? is an app for mental health which is a completely free app. It uses CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) modes to help its users in dealing with anxiety or stress issues. As it has a simple and easy design with many methods, you can get the necessary help from it. You can easily sync your data and also back up your data with your device so you don’t lose it.


  • Comprehensive diary

  • Habit tracker

  • Positive quotes

  • Themes

Available for Android

3. Moodpath

Best Mental Health Apps

Moodpath is a depression mental health app which helps you in keeping track of your mental behavior. It understands users’ complaints and analysis them to give feedback accordingly. This mental health app phone list assists you and helps you in overcoming negative thoughts. It encourages you to take a break from depression/anxiety and refresh your mind.


  • Mood Track

  • Supportive insights

  • Monitor activities

  • Reflect on your thoughts

  • Better deal with stress

Available for iPhone and Android

4. Wysa

Best Mental Health Apps

Wysa is among the best mental health apps that can cheer you up anytime and track you’re well being. It is an app for tracking mental health and provides you with daily meditation. You can access it anywhere and stay mentally and emotionally right. It helps in finding optimism and reframes your negative thoughts by having friendly chats. You can resolve your other issues like lack of sleep, sadness, mood swings, etc as it has many tools to support you. It maintains your ideas anonymous and conversations are kept private.


  • Manage anger

  • Meditation exercises

  • Resolving technique

  • Build confidence

  • Visualisation techniques

Available for iPhone and Android

5. Ginger emotional support

Best Mental Health Apps

Ginger emotional support is one of the best mental health apps that helps in building your confidence and provides you emotional support. You can experience a complete self-care guide on your smartphone through this mental health app phone list. It provides you with coaches with whom you can chat anytime. With this mental health app, you can overcome your stress and anxiety and increase your productivity. You can learn new skills and much more.


  • Confidential & Secure

  • Personalized Self-care

  • Reduce stress

  • Convenient

Available for Android

6. Headspace

Best Mental Health Apps

Headspace is easy to use the app for tracking mental health. You can overcome stress issues, sleep well, and learn life-changing skills of meditation. It helps in managing your stress and anxiety and improves your mind-body health. Headspace provides you with different tools to overcome difficult issues like in Sleep by Headspace, you can listen to relaxing music and sleep well.


  • Managing Anxiety

  • Physical health mindfulness training

  • Quick workouts

  • Audio-guided cardio

  • 28-day courses

Available for iPhone and Android

7. Replika

Best Mental Health Apps

Replika is an app for tracking mental health which uses artificial intelligence. It enables you to form an actual emotional connection with it. This mental health app is designed to listen to you and respond accordingly. It helps you in developing your personality and calm your anxiety or stress. You can overcome your sleeping issues and also manage your emotions. It helps you in exploring your personality and feel better.


  • Chat in a safe

  • Judgment-free space

  • Play games

  • Write stories

  • AI friend

Available for iPhone and Android

8. Unmind

Best Mental Health Apps

Unmind is among the best Mental health apps that help you in recognizing your mental health. It improves your issues and helps you in focusing on your work. This depression mental health app provides you with scientifically proven tools. These tools help you in unlocking a healthier and happier life which is stress-free. Unmind helps you in nurturing your mental health and wellbeing.


  • Powerful Tools

  • Friendly Bot

  • Secure Support

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Available for Android

9. Calm

Best Mental Health Apps

Calm is a depression mental health app used by millions to overcome stress or anxiety or sleep issues. It provides you with meditations, sleeps stories, various programs, and sessions to handle your stress. It is recommended by many mental health experts as it is a perfect guide for those who want to eliminate various mental problems. The calm app is a free app to use and provides you with different features and is add free.


  • Calming Anxiety

  • Managing Stress

  • Deep Sleep

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Body Scan

Available on iPhone and Android

10. Sanvello

Best Mental Health Apps

Sanvello is among the best Mental Health Apps that reduces your stress, anxiety, and depression. It helps you in improving your mental health to make sure you feel better. This mental health app uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you in dealing with stress or depression. You can easily manage your moods and thoughts, and understand what makes you feel better.


  • Self-care

  • Free access

  • Unique tools

  • Mood tracking

Available for Android