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If you are allergic to any matter which is present in the environment or in your food then avoiding that matter is the only way to keep your body healthy and safe. Allergy is the worst thing that can reduce the quality of your life.There are a lot of allergies that occur in human beings in day-to-day life as people tend to travel to various places they might be prone to dust allergies. Many people also sufferfrom food and pollen allergies that affect their lifestyles.

The best way to reduce the effect of allergens on your body is to avoid them. So if you have dust allergies then avoid going out when the pollen count is high. Same if you have an allergy to any food substance then avoid them to keep your body healthy. Now technology provides you a way to keep you updated about the pollen count, environmental allergies, and pollen allergies. There are lots of allergy apps available that help you to track all these allergens. These apps work as allergy detectors for you to keep you updated. Here is a list of the best allergy apps for Android and iOS devices that can be used as an allergic tracker apps.

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List Of Best Allergy Apps For Android And iOS

1. AirVisual Air Quality Forecast

air quality allergy app

AirVisual is the best allergy app that provides you the real-time data on the air quality index forPM2.5, PM10, NO2, ozone, nitrogen, and other pollutants particles that can be the main source of dustallergy. The appcovers 10000+ locations in 80+ countries and all data comes from trusted and government organizations like NASA.Health recommendations are provided for asthma and other respiratory illnesses. The app can also recommend you the time when the pollen and PM2.5/PM10 count are low.

You can also buy the device fromAirVisual that can help you to measure the AQI in your home as well as to keep to track air quality index. Overall if you want an that keeps you updated about the outside AQI thenAirVisual is the best app for you.


  1. Track allpollutants likePM2.5, PM10, NO2, ozone, and nitrogen that can cause dust allergies.

  2. Provide 7-day AQI and weather forecast

  3. You can buy the device for indoor air quality monitoring

  4. UI/UX improvements

2. WebMD Allergy

webmd allergy app

WebMD Allergy app is developed for people who havehay fever, food allergies, skin allergies, drug allergies, and insect bites allergies. The app comes with 4 sections that include allergy forecast, weather forecast, allergy tracker, and allergy 101.


  • Allergy forecast helps you to update the about theallergen based on your location.

  • The weather forecast provides you with the weather information in your area.

  • Allergy Tracker helps you to generate a report on the basis of your daily recorded symptoms and treatment.

  • Allery 101 guide provides you with lots of article, videos, and slideshows to read about allergies.

3. Plume Labs: Air Quality App

plume labs pollen app

Plume Labs is also one of the best allergy apps for Android and iOS users to track air quality index across the globe. This app provides a detailed map of the air quality in and around your area. Pollution levels on each street are available on the app where you can now manage which place to go for a trip and also make sure it will be pollution-free. The app also provides the 72-hour forecast on the basis of previous 6-month data. The knowledge of this app can help you reduce 50% of exposure to pollution.


  1. The app comes with a dark theme.

  2. The detailed map provides real-time data on NO2, PM2.5, PM10, and O3 pollutants across the globe.

  3. Share the morning and evening reports with you.

  4. Easy to use

4. Allergy Alert byPollen.com

Allergy Alert by Pollen.com: best Allergy Apps for pollen

Allergy Alert is a free and trusted app that keeps you updated about the pollen count across the USA only. The app also provides you with the 5-day pollen count forecast in advance along with the weather forecast. The app UI is so impressive it changes the background according to the allergy seasons. The app not only counts the pollen count but also provides you with in-depth information about allergens likeMaple, Grass, Pigweed, Mulberry, Elm, Ash, and Ragweed. Overall the app is the best allergy app for the spring sessions that keep track of the pollen count near you.


  1. Provide accurate pollen count near you across the U.S.

  2. In-depth information about the allergens.

  3. 5-day pollen allergy and weather forecast

  4. Attractive UI

5. My Food Allergies Scanner

My-Food-Allergies-Scanner: best food Allergy Apps

My Food Allergies Scanner is made for those people who have food allergies or foodintolerances. There are lots of food like dairy products that are responsible to trigger food allergies. We can easily identify the dairy product but what if we consume the packed food without knowing the ingredients? People spend lots of time finding those ingredients that affect their allergies. Now My Food Allergies Scanner will help you to find thehidden additives and allergens by scanning the barcode. Just you need to scan the barcode or type the item name manually, and it will tell you if you can or can’t consume it with the food allergies or intolerances you have. OverallMy Food Allergies Scanner is the best app for food allergies that saves you lots of time to find the allergens in the packed food.


  1. Track your daily intake of food that trigger food allergies.

  2. Provide the information on all the allergens that can cause the food allergy by scanning the barcode.

6. Air Matters

air matters allergy app

Air Matters is one of the best and most highly appreciated apps to track air pollutants for more than 180 countries. This app shows air quality information, pollen data, and forecast reports along with pollution and pollen alerts. Users can check daily updates on their Apple watches as well. You can connect the Laser Egg air monitor andPhilips Smart Air Purifier to check real-time indoor air quality.


  1. Provide AQI information for more than 180 countries

  2. Connecting with a laser egg air monitor is easy

  3. Connect with Philips smart air purifier

  4. Connect with Philips Go pure

7. My Food Intolerance List

my food intollerance best Allergy Apps

My Food Intolerance List is one of the popular and best food apps for tracking your food allergy symptom and managing your health accordingly. Some of the allergies related to food will be lactose, fructose, histamine, gluten, and sorbitol. This app takes all your inputs like the food you eat and tracks it after which it provides detailed information about whether the food is safe to eat or you might be allergic to some food.


  1. Track the amount of food intake

  2. Easy to use

  3. Manage your food intolerance

8. AllergyMe – Allergy Medical ID

allergyme allergy app

The AllergyMeapp is the best emergency app for iOS users who have allergies. The app is specifically designed for allergy sufferers. If the user provides his/her symptoms people around your area can immediately come and help you if you are suffering from a medical reaction. Apple Watch users can easily view the steps to take care of on their screen easily.


  1. The App provides you the specific instructions catered to your allergy in the event of anaphylaxis

  2. Easy view of your medical Id via the Apple watch app.

9. Sensio Air: Allergy Tracker

sensio air allergy app

The Sensio Air app is one of the best apps used by people to track their allergies in day-to-day life. Users can monitor thousands of allergens including pet dander, pollens, and molds. This app includes allergy forecasts and also you can discover your symptoms and eliminate sources of your symptoms. Users can track air quality and respiratory symptoms. With the help of the Sensio Air app, you can learn about remedies like Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, Alavert, and antihistamines that could bestalleviate your health issues. The main con of this app is that it is only available for iOS users.


  1. Log in and set reminders

  2. Track your symptoms

  3. Monitor allergic reactions

10. AccuPollen™ Allergy Tracker

accupollen allergy tracker

AccuPollen™ Allergy tracker app is not much popular but it is the best pollen app that counts real-time pollen count. The app also helps you to findan allergist near your place. They have many pollen stations across the USA. The closest pollen station is automatically selected according to your location. The updated version has a fact or fiction segment for its users. The main con of this app is that they have a pollen station in the USA and a few in other countries.


  1. Fact or Fiction segment is provided

  2. Find an allergist near your location

11. Melbourne Pollen Count

melbourne pollen count

Melbourne is one of the best pollen apps that provides real-world pollen count data. The app also provides a year-round 7-day forecast of grass pollen levels for Melbourne and other nearby areas. Forecasts for asthma are also provided and advise users about the hay fire symptoms if they have them.


  1. Provides a year-round 7-day forecast of grass pollen levels

  2. Provides real-world pollen count

  3. Good support system

12. mySymptoms Food Diary

mysymptoms allergy app

mySymptomsfood diary is the best app for food allergies that record, track,s and analyzes your food, and symptoms to gaininsights into your digestive health. This food allergy tracker can easily recordany symptoms, sleep, or bowel movements. You can add or modify any sort of drinks or food you eat or any medication you take. Basically, it’s a food allergy app that keeps track of your diet to provide you with the best insights.


  1. Track your food, sleep, and symptoms

  2. Record or modify data

  3. Create and modify your symptoms and view it

13. Breezometer

Breezometer aqi checker

Breezometer is an another great app to find out the air quality index (AQI), pollen data, and weather forecasts that help you to prevent exposure to pollen you are allergic to or bad weather conditions. By utilizingartificial intelligence, it delivers highly accurate real-time air quality and pollen data at the street level. The app supports 94 countries and offers you real-time air quality maps, and daily information about various types of pollen, gives health recommends, and notifies you about the outside changes in the environment.


  1. Stay informed with real-time air quality maps

  2. Daily updates on pollen levels from trees, grass, and weeds

  3. Accurate weather forecasts for your day

  4. Personalized health recommendations based on air quality data

  5. Notificationabout any changes in outdoor air quality

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Yummly food recipes

If you have some kind of food allergy or are allergic to a specific ingredient then Yummly can be a life-saving app for you. This app uses artificial intelligence to suggest cool recipes to you. You can set the ingredients you are allergic to and it will not suggest od items where the ingredients are used. Yummly can also show you the replacement or alternatives to some ingredients so that you can enjoy the food you want without risking your health.


  1. AI-powered personalized recipe recommendations

  2. Filter dishes by nutrition, allergies, course, etc.

  3. reduce food waste

  4. exclude allergic ingredients from food recipe

  5. Create your personal cookbook

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15.Find Me Gluten Free

find gluten free restaurants

Find Me Gluten Free is a great app for people who are allergic to gluten. This app helps you to find restaurants that serve gluten-free foods and dishes and all the reviews are from the members of Gluten Free community. You can also find gluten-free menus from popular restaurants and bookmark them for future reference.


  1. View gluten-free restaurants on the map

  2. Call and get directions to the restaurants

  3. Bookmark businesses

  4. Find gluten-free menus

  5. Connect with the Gluten Free app community

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