5 Best Torrent Streaming Apps to Watch Torrents Without Downloading Them


With rapid technological advancement and widespread internet accessibility, our devices have become capable of streaming online content. It has also transformed our preference of consuming music and movies. Nowadays we often watch things online rather than downloading them. But sometimes, what we look for isn’t available on OTT platforms and other media streaming websites but rather in torrent format and needs to be downloaded first.
But if you’re unwilling to download torrents or don’t have enough storage in your device, then worry not. You can still enjoy your favorite media content without downloading it. There are several torrent streaming platforms that give you instant access to stream media files on the go. They come with an inbuilt media player and you can paste magnet links or open torrent files.

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List of Top 5 Torrent Streaming Apps to Watch Torrents Online

1. WebTorrent Desktop

webtorrent desktop

WebTorrent Desktop is one of the best torrent streaming apps available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. This open-source software is completely free and allows you to stream media files from various platforms like Internet Archive, Creative Commons, etc. without downloading. The user interface is amazing and additionally, you can also stream videos to Chromecast, AirPlay, and DLNA. It integrates with both WebTorrent Peers and BitTorrent peers and supports the drag-and-drop feature.


  1. Download torrents

  2. Lightweight and fast

  3. Open-source and ad-free

  4. Instant media streaming

  5. Dark themed interface

  6. Drag and drop torrent

  7. Open torrent files and magnet links

  8. Available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu

2. µTorrent Web

µTorrent web

µTorrent Web is one of the most popular torrent client apps that enables you to enjoy quick media playback without downloading or while downloading. This browser-based application works on every browser and provides you with an instant solution to stream videos. So whether you are looking for your favourite movies, TV shows or any other media. If that is available in torrent format you can just start watching them. Moreover, µTorrent Web has a nice dark theme and user-friendly interface.


  1. Download torrents easily

  2. Dark themed interface

  3. Browser based application

  4. Mobile app available

  5. Earn BitTorrent tokens while you seed

  6. Strem torrents without downloading

  7. Control download and upload speed

3. Webtor

Webtor torrent streaming

Webtor is a simple yet amazing torrent streaming platform that can be accessed from web browsers on both mobile and desktop. This lightweight web-based platform can instantly play videos and other media directly from torrents without downloading, thus allowing you to enjoy your favourite movies, shows, and documentaries on the go. All you need to do is open any browser on your device, visit the Webtor site and open the torrent file. The Webtor has a decent media player where you get a dedicated subtitle button and a download button. Moreover, you can download its Chrome extension as well.


  1. Lightweight web-based platform

  2. Paste the magnet link and start streaming

  3. Chrome extension available

  4. Streaming media files on the go

  5. Download torrent files with one click

  6. Download the partial torrent file as a ZIP archive

  7. Supports MKV, AVI, and FLAC media format

4. Seedr

Seedr platform

Seedr is another great platform to play torrents just by pasting the link or the torrent file. You can easily add links to your Seedr account and then you can both play the media or download it. With a free Seedr account, you will get 2GB of cloud storage to keep your downloaded torrent files and those files will be accessible across all sorts of platforms. The Interface of the Seedr is nice. You don’t have to download any application as Seedr can be accessed from a browser and it offers high-quality media streaming and fast download speed.


  1. Free 2GB of cloud storage

  2. Web-based platform

  3. Private and secure

  4. Chrome extension available

  5. Stream torrents without downloading

  6. Download or upload files

  7. Faster downloads and HD media streaming

5. ROX Player

ROX player torrent streaming

ROX player is a simple media player. This is lightweight and among the most capable torrent streaming apps allowing you to play torrent files without actually downloading them. You can right-click on the main playback pane and add the torrent file or magnetic link. Apart from torrent playback, the ROX player is a nice media player that supports several popular file formats like MP4, AIFF, FLV, etc. Just like VLC, you can adjust volume, brightness, speed, etc. with shortcut keys.


  1. Play torrent files

  2. Add magnet link

  3. Open torrent URL

  4. Lightweight media player

  5. Media control with shortcut keys

  6. Supports several media formats

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