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June 11, 2020 2465 Shreya Patoa
Best web browsers

Looking for the best web browser? You are at the right place. We have come up with a list of best web browsers for windows 10 that will enrich your overall web browsing experience. With several options available in the market, choosing the right web browser must be quite difficult for you. Using the right web browser enhances your online experience in the form of browsing speed, ease of use, security measures, and accessibility to various websites. In order to help you make your choice, we’ve listed the best internet browsers for windows 10 along with their corresponding features.

What are web browsers?

A web browser is an application that helps us access information from the world wide web.There are a plethora of information, content, and tools available on the internet and to be able to access it, you require a web browser. It establishes a safe and secure link with the internet. With the help of an efficient web browser, you can make the best use of the internet.

what is web browser

Think of your web browser as a remote control. On your TV, you can watch many channels but how do you access the channel you’re interested in? You will use the remote to go to the channel. Similarly, a web browser is a remote control that gives you access to many web sites.

Web browsers are used for several other purposes for instance downloading or playing movies, songs or videos. Similarly, we can even log in to our social media accounts without the actual app and therefore we can even save our passwords there for quick login.

How do web browsers work?

Before going to the complete list of the best browsers for windows 10, let’s take a quick look at how a web browser works.
When you open a web browser, you’ll find the search URL bar at the top. URL is the abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator. When you type something inside the URL path, you are trying to get a resource i.e. your desired web page.

After you press Enter, a series of events occur. Your web browser will connect to the domain using the IP address. Now you will be on the client side who is using the web browser. The web browser will display web pages or websites on the server-side.

how web browsers works

The server sends binary information (0s and 1s) and the styling details are sent singly as CSS or JavaScript files. Your web browser quickly saves this data and uses it to display the desired web page.

Now that we’ve learned how a web browser works, we’ll now proceed to our list ofbest web browsers.

Over the years technology has enhanced a lot. It has done wonders for the human race. We are able to get information related to anything by typing the URL and our web browser displays various websites that contain the information we are looking for. As technology has been expanding rapidly, therefore people desire to have the best and fastest browsers that can make their work easier and save time.

List of the best browsers for Windows 10

1. Google Chrome: the most popular web browser

Google chrome browser

Google Chrome is one of the top web browsers available and is easily the most used web browser with millions of people using it globally. It is the most popular web browser for many reasons. Firstly, it is the fastest web browser and is also very easy to use.

Most of the people have a Google account through which they use Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, and many others. Google Chrome also makes syncing Google apps very easy. It lets you pick up where you left while working. Google shows customized data to the user which makes the user feel special.

Web browsers Google Chrome features are:

  1. Incognito mode

  2. Custom content

  3. Easy sync with Google apps

  4. Many Google features

No surprises that Google Chrome tops our list of best web browsers for windows 10 and we highly recommend it.

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2. Mozilla Firefox: the safest web browser

mozilla firefox web browser

Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular web browser and has always been a mainstay in the list of best web browsers. It is considered as the most secure internet browser available in the market.

There are many spies operating over the internet. Web browsers track your information as you read an article on a website. Mozilla Firefox web browser gives an assurance to safeguard your data from these hackers. It has browsing features that protect you from cyber-attacks.
By using Mozilla Firefox, you can easily navigate to Wikipedia, YouTube, and many more websites. There are many visual tabs & addons as well.

Web browser Mozilla Firefox features are:

  1. Private browsing

  2. Fast browsing

  3. Easy navigation keys

  4. Bookmarking and sync

Did you know that Firefox is open-source software? Click here for more amazing open-source software.Mozilla Firefox is one of the most highly appreciated web browsers available. Considering all the above features, it surely makes it into our list of best browsers for windows 10.

3. Duckduckgo browser: the best privacy browser

DuckDuckGo web browser

Although Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most popular web browsers and top the best web browsers list, many users still avoid using them due to some other privacy issues such as blocking ads.

Duckduckgo’s browser is a privacy browser. It vows to keep your navigation process safe and secure by using encryption techniques that block ads on websites. One unique feature of this web browser is that it shows your privacy rating for each site. The fire key can clear all tabs in one go. You can explore the internet privately without sharing your data. Unique encryption makes it one of the most secure web browser available in the market.

Web browsers Duckduckgo features are:

  1. Blocking ads

  2. Fire button

  3. Private browsing

  4. Privacy browsing of websites

It easily makes it into our list of best web browsers for windows 10.

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4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge web browser

Yes, you read that right. Microsoft Edge is one of the best web browsers for windows. It is a trusted web browser from Microsoft and has millions of users around the globe. Anyone can use this web browser easily, thanks to its interesting features and design. New Microsoft edge has many features to offer.

Web browsers Microsoft Edge features are:

  1. Ad-block

  2. Safe browsing

  3. Easy to use

  4. Microsoft rewards

Microsoft Edge surely deserves a place in the list of best internet browser for windows 10.

5. Opera web browser: the best web browser for ad blocking

Opera web browser

The Opera web browser is also a great web browser that you can consider using. Before Chrome and Mozilla came, almost everyone used opera as their primary web browser. The Opera web browser has VPN features that let you access the web discretely. It also comes with a crypto wallet that can work with cryptocurrency.

The Opera web browser is easy to use and has a simple form. It comes with 2 themes, the dark mode and the light mode. You can also pick up from where you left, thanks to its sync feature. Lastly, it also offers a custom news board. It is also one of the fastest web browsers.

Web browsers Opera features are:

  1. Crypto wallet

  2. Dark and light mode

  3. VPN feature

Considering its popularity, speed, and other features, the Opera web browser makes it into our list of best web browsers for windows 10.

6. Vivaldi web browser: the best Chrome browsers alternative

Vivaldi web browser

The Vivaldi web browser is rising in popularity day by day. It’s fast and gives users a great amount of control over the browsingexperience also one of the fastest web browsers for windows 10. It has some unique features. One of them is that everything on the Vivaldi web browser can be customized.

As soon as you connect the web browser, you will see the setup process. The setup process lets you customize your web browser as per your needs, unlike other web browsers. You can also choose if you want the tabs to appear on the top, bottom, or side panel. This tab control feature makes it a strong rival to the Google Chrome browser. It is also easy to use and quite safe.

Web browsers Vivaldi features are:

  1. Safe browsing

  2. Custom panels tab

  3. Adblocker

  4. Privacy mode

  5. The clock on the status bar

Vivaldi web browser is the last to feature in our list best internet browser for windows 10. You can surely go for it considering its ease of use and safety features.

7. Brave Browser

Vivaldi web browser

Brave browser is one the best browsers for windows operating system because of its pop-up blocking nature. Brave Browser is an open-source web browser based on the Chromium that was founded in 2015. The browser's main focus on security and speed. It has a built-in ad blocker that keeps you safe from ads and gives you a clean look of web pages.


  1. Adblocker in-build

  2. save data and battery

  3. Fast and secure browser.

  4. Block website trackers

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So this was our list of best web browsers for windows 10. These are the top-performing web browsers that are available on the internet. We hope that you’ve found this list helpful and now you’re in a much better position to choose the best web browser that matches your requirements.