5 Essential Gadgets And Tools For All Graphic Designers


If you are thinking about getting into graphic designing, it is advised that you invest in a few essential items. These essential items are not only going to help you create incredible designs but will also help make your task easier. From laptops to software, here are the 5 gadgets and tools that are essential for all graphic designers.

List of 5 Essential Gadgets And Tools For All Graphic Designers

Desktop with High-Resolution Monitor

When it comes to graphic designing, you need to have a desktop computer that is equipped with powerful hardware. This is so that the computer can handle all the graphic design software that you will use for your creations. You can custom build your computer with cutting-edge hardware that can easily support software and applications like Adobe After Effect and Photoshop.

Along with the computer, you should also invest in a high-definition monitor. Not only will it make your images sharper, but it will also display the correct colours and calibrated hues. If your budget can’t afford to get an iMac, LG computer monitors and Samsung computer monitors are just a few of the great monitor options that are ideal for graphic designers, as long as they can provide you with the optimal display. You should also invest in a monitor calibration tool that can help to calibrate your monitor’s colour and display for accurate colours.


While desktops are great for handling heavy software and applications, they are not always convenient for designers because you cannot bring them on the go. That is why an equally powerful laptop is another item that should be considered as the best alternative. The portability is great for when you need to travel or present your work to your clients in person.

There are so many great options for powerful laptops but the most popular amongst designers would be the Apple MacBook Pro 16”. It comes with a sharp 16-inch display that is great for both work tasks and daily activities, like watching a movie. The laptop is equipped with Apple’s flagship M1 chipset that will ensure fast and smooth performance. It is not the cheapest laptop on the market, but it is a great investment because it will continue to perform well for years to come. Plus, you can also get an extended warranty of up to 3 years for your MacBook if you pay for AppleCare.

Graphic Tablet and Stylus

No graphics designer will be complete with a reliable graphics tablet and stylus. Using a tablet for your work will allow you to be more comfortable when you are working, resulting in a more natural final product. The stylus will also give your more control so that you can end up with precise work with little to no mistakes.

Most graphics designers still prefer the drawing tablets from Wacom because it is a dedicated graphics tablet that offers precise pressure sensitivity with ergonomic features. However, some designers are beginning to switch to regular tablets with stylus support. This is so that they can use the design apps without having to plug them into a computer. The Apple iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and the Samsung Galaxy Tab with the S Pen are two tablets to consider, both of which are highly regarded by graphic designers for their quality and functionality.

External Hard Drive

You will need plenty of space to store all your work, both finished and unfinished, so it is wise to get an external hard drive. It will provide you with all the storage space that you need, and you can easily access it whenever you need to. Storing your work and designs in the external hard drive will also be a lot cheaper and faster than using a cloud storage service, since the latter may require extra payment for more space and will only upload as fast as your internet speed allows.

You can get an external hard drive in many different storage size options, but the bigger the space, the higher the price. You should get a hard drive with a fast transfer speed because it is more convenient. Western Digital and Seagate are just two of the brands that specialize in reliable external hard drives.

Creative Software

Every graphic designer needs to have access to a creative software that offers a range of design tools. These tools with help you to complete your designs with ease. There are also tablet-friendly options that work great with the tablet layout and UI. Many software packs are quite pricey, but you are given access to their entire app library so that you will not have to buy a separate app for specific tasks.

The industry standard for creative software is the Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC. It has a wide range of tools that are used by most graphic designers, from beginners to professionals. If you are looking for alternatives, there are ones that you can try for your work, like Procreate and Affinity Design. They are quite similar to Adobe when it comes to the features and layout, but they are a lot more affordable than Adobe.