Top 10 Video Editing Software for Windows

Jan 20, 2018 8951 Simran video editing software

Video editing is becoming very popular as we are growing more towards social media and YouTube. You may need a video editing software for home use purposes only or for professional use. If you are a beginner to video editing skills then you may want to try a free trial of video editing software. For professional use such as advanced level filmmaking, you may need to purchase the licensed software.

Whether you choose to get a free trial or paid video editing software, you first need to understand what features should that software provide?If you are clear about your objective that why you need a video editing software, then you may choose one from the top 10 best video editing software given in the list below:

1. Lightworks

Lightworks is a non-linear video editing system developed by EditShare LLC. This supports various digital video formats and used for professional non-linear editing(NLE) for editing including resolutions up to 2K and 4K.

Lightworks is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux which makes it a cross-platform video editor. This is majorly is used in filmmaking industry and has been used in movies like- The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential etc.

video editing software


  1. Tools for creating videos for YouTube, social media and for a 4K film project.

  2. Simple User Interface.

  3. Real-time effects, audio, and video FX.

  4. Support for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

Download Lightworks

2. Nero Video 2018

Nero Video 2018 is a video capturing software which comes with a full package of the latest feature. It gives the ability to edit videos and then burn to DVDs.

Nero Video contains library packages to manage all multimedia files, which makes it a powerful video editor and media player. It gives you ease of customization for using different effects, transitions, video enhancements and video optimization.

Nero video software has two video editing modules- Express editing and an Advanced editing module.

video editing software


  1. Using advanced editing mode you can add a number of editing tracks.

  2. Easy to create complex projects.

  3. Access to more than 400 effects, transitions, and objects.

Download Nero Video 2018

3. Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker 2016 is video editing/creating/publishing software developed for Windows 7/8/10. The older versions of Windows Movie Maker such as WMM 2012 used to work only for Windows XP/Vista.

In addition to this, Windows Movie Maker comes with more customizable options for changing themes, effects, transitions, and templates.

video editing software


  1. Create or add narration clips.

  2. Split and combine adjacent clips.

  3. Support for adding audio tracks.

  4. Reordering of clips and then saving them o form a new movie.

Download Windows Movie maker

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline based video editing software developed by Adobe Systems and was launched in 2003. It is the leading video editing software in the industry and used by most of the professionals such as filmmakers, YouTubers, designers, videographers across the world. You can try the free trial version of Premiere Pro from the download link and later choose the subscription plan from their official site.

You can download The latest edition Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018(version 12.0) was launched in October 2017. The only difference between free and paid version is of watermark on them or not.

video editing software


  1. Free trial version includes all the features and updates for 7days after you install the software.

  2. 100 GB of Cloud Storage.

  3. Video tutorials for different skill levels from beginner to advanced.

  4. Support for new formats, regional Closed Caption standards.

  5. Manage multiple projects at one time.

  6. Motion Graphics Templates.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro

5. Filmora Video Editing Software

Wondershare’s Filmora is the most widely used video editing software for windows and it comes with a variety of features for users.

Filmora provides you latest video effects, animation elements, filters and much more. The tools are also used for basic editing like crop, merge, split, trim, green screen, mosaic, overlays, frameworks, motion and transition effects. You can customize your videos with text and music over different layers.

video editing software


  1. Easy to use functionalities for beginners.

  2. The capability of editing videos up to 4K resolutions.

  3. The user can add effects, text, GIFs, animations and other elements on their videos.

  4. Split screen feature and advanced text editing functionality.

  5. Audio-Mixing tools and video controls.

  6. Screen Recording and video stabilization.

  7. Scene detection and customizable speed controls.

Download Filmora

6. Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel VideoStudio Pro is a video editing and movie making software for Windows. It is developed to fulfill the needs of all level user from beginner to experts and includes the complete set of features for them.

The VideoStudio Pro X10 comes with its 30-day free trial but with limited features and functionality.

The free trial version gives you access to more than hundreds of creative filters and effects, free templates and sharing to multiple platforms.

video editing software


  1. 3D video editing in latest version pro X10

  2. Support for making and editing portrait videos

  3. Extended stop-motion functionality

  4. Speed controls and reverse clipping features

  5. Support for all formats and latest technologies.

7. CyberLink PowerDirector

PowerDirector by CyberLink is considered as the most effective tool for video editing. If you are a beginner to video editing, then PowerDirector is the best choice since it conforms to the needs of all level users.

It gives you three modules to use- Full feature editor, Express project module, and a simplified editor module. CyberLink PowerDirector gives you a free 30-day trial and supports multiple language formats.

video editing software


  1. Multiple videos, audio and image format support.

  2. Support for video capturing devices like analog tv tuner.

  3. Supports camera and camcorder.

  4. Easy video and audio file exporting in multiple formats.

  5. Support for connectivity with multiple output devices.

  6. Variety of device support for burning to DVD or discs.

Download VideoPad

8. VideoPad

This is another free video editing software for Windows developed by NCH Software for home and professional users. You can easily create advanced level professional videos using VideoPad.

The free version of VideoPad comes with limited features for video editing, while the paid version gives you access to complete set of features and functionality. VideoPad integrates with some other software developed by NCH Software. These built-in integrated software include WavePad(sound editing program), MixPad(sound-mixing editor), PhotoPad(photo editor). You can download the latest version of VideoPad from the download link.

video editing software


  1. Drag and drop feature for editing video clips.

  2. Support for adding text, overlays, effects, and transitions.

  3. 3D video editing.

  4. Supports Chroma key green screen.

  5. Audio and video optimization tools.

  6. Sharing options-Burn to DVD and watch on TV/Share Online/Save to PSP, iPod, iPhone.

Download VideoPad

9. Shotcut

Shotcut is one of the open source, cross-platform and free video editing software for Windows which comes with complete set of features.

If you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of video editing, then Shotcut is the best choice you’ll ever find. The latest version of Shotcut is 18.01.

video editing software


  1. Supports a wide range of audio and video formats.

  2. Supports webcam and audio capture.

  3. Support for videos up to 4K resolutions and network stream playback.

  4. Multiple image formats.

  5. Noise, color and counter generators.

  6. Multiple device and transport options.

10. OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot is also another open source and free video editor for Windows and was launched in the year 2008. The major feature of OpenShot is that it is available not only for Windows but also for MacOS and Linux, which makes it a cross-platform video editing software.

OpenShot is also used for basic editing functions like clipping, trimming, resizing, scaling, rotation, transitions and cutting.

OpenShot comes is completely free and can be easily downloaded from the download link.

video editing software


  1. Multiple videos, image, and audio formats support.

  2. Curve based frame animations.

  3. Image overlays, watermarks, composition, sub-titles and title templates.

  4. 3D animated titles.

  5. High-level Timeline functionality with drag and drop, zooming, scrolling, and snapping.

Download OpenShot