Top 10 Android Apps to Increase Internet Speed


In today’s fast-paced world, having a reliable and fast internet connection iseverybody’s want.From staying connected with loved ones and conducting online meetings to streaming your favorite shows and accessing important information, a speedy internet connection is a key to seamless digital experiences. However, if you find yourself constantly suffering throughslow internet connectivity while trying to browse the web or enjoy your favorite shows,then you are in the right place.

In this article, we have curated a list of the 10 best Android apps to increase internet speed that willenhance your online experience. Whether you need to optimize your WiFi connection, fine-tune network settings, or eliminate unnecessary background processes, these appswill help you to do so.

List of 10 Best Android Apps to Increase Internet Speed

1. Net Optimizer

Net Optimizer Optimize Ping

Net Optimizer is an all-in-one solution to your device’s slow internet. This app is probably the best tool available on the Google Play store that optimizes your network connectivity and boosts internet speed. It helps you to connect to a wide range of secure and fast DNS connections including Google, Cloudflare, SafeDNS, Comodo, etc. as well as reduces ping time that enhances your gaming experience. So if you are experiencing slow internet speed then you can definitely go for this app to fix your network issues.


  1. One-touch network optimization

  2. Connect to a fast DNS server based on location

  3. Scan DNS servers manually

  4. Supports over 15 DNS servers

  5. Works for both WiFi and cellular network

  6. Improve browsingspeed

  7. Reduces network latency and ping time

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2. Network Analyzer

network analyzer by jiri tech

Network Analyzer is best suited tool that will just not increase your internet speed but it also very helpful to troubleshoot and diagnose your internet issues as well. It also includes essential network diagnostic tools like traceroute, ping, DNS lookup, port scanner, and whois, allowing you to identify and resolve network problems effectively. The app provides valuable information about WiFi signals, security types, and more, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Additionally, you can view reports and data in visual or textual forms.


  1. Graphical and textual representation

  2. WiFi signal meter with network type, encryption, BSSID, etc

  3. Local Area Network (LAN) scanner

  4. Ping and traceroute with both IPv4 and IPv6 support

  5. Port scanner

  6. Network information for both WiFi and cellular

  7. DNS lookup

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3. Speedtest

speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest app, developed by Ookla, is a remarkable tool for evaluating the speed of your internet connection, whether it’s WiFi or cellular. While the app doesn’t directly enhance your internet speed, it enables you to analyze the performance of your network connection and make informed decisions for network optimization. With features like Speedtest Maps, you can assess your mobile network coverage, and the video test option allows you to evaluate the quality of your streaming. Discover your upload and download speeds with ease using this efficient Speedtest app by Ookla.


  1. Find your download, upload, and jitter

  2. Measure pingvalue inthree stages

  3. Access Sppedtest Maps for mobile data coverage

  4. Capable of measuring 5G connections

  5. Video test to check the streaming quality

  6. Real-time test-generated graphs

  7. Share your test results

  8. 16,000+ testing servers located across the world

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4. DNS Changer

Secure VPN Proxy

DNS changer is one of the best apps that allows you to switch between different DNS easily and works for both WiFi and Mobile data connections. Changing DNS can help you load webpages faster and can even unblock some websites. Not only that, you get to browse privately and securely on Public WiFi.


  1. Easy to use

  2. No root required

  3. Works for both WiFi and Cellular connection

  4. Find the fastest DNS server for your connection

  5. IPv4 and IPv6 DNS support

  6. Improves overall browsing experience

  7. Improves gaming experience

  8. Preconfigured DNS list

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5. Secure VPN

secure VPN by signal lab

VPN services not only unblock geo-restricted websites but also enables us to browse the internet privately and can even increase the internet speed of our connection.Secure VPN is one of the best free VPN apps available for Android users on the Play Store and provides secure VPN connectionswith VPN networks ofdifferent countries without any registration or usage limit.It’s a lightweight VPN app thatprovidesyou with a safe and secure online experienceand enhances your network performance. You can even choose an app manually to which you want to apply a VPN connection. It has a user-friendly UI with few ads.


  1. Wide range of servers

  2. High-speed bandwidth

  3. Works with WiFi and cellular connections

  4. No-logging policy

  5. No time or usage limit

  6. No registration required

  7. lightweight and secure

  8. Manually select apps to use VPN

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6. + WARP

WARP by Cloudflare

The with WARP app is a powerful tool that enhances your internet experience by replacing your ISP DNS server with Cloudflare’s DNS server, By doing so,the app ensures a more secure and private internet connectionand also improves network speed. The app offers a paid version called WARP+, which further enhances network performance and reduces website load time, providing a smootherbrowsingexperience.


  1. Easy to use

  2. Optimized protocol

  3. Encrypts outgoing traffic

  4. Security against malware sites

  5. Improves network speed

  6. Enhances browsing experience

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7. Net Signal

WiFi and 4G 5G Meter

The Net Signal app is an essential tool for assessing WiFi and cellular signal strength using your mobile device. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this app helps you locate areas with optimal WiFi or cellular connectivity. With it, you can easily view the strength of your WiFi or cellular connection, network type, dBm, IP address, BSSID, maximum WiFi speed, DHCP server, and more. The app continuously updates as you move around your house, allowing you to identify the ideal location for setting up your router and other smart devices. With the Net Signal app, you can ensure a strong and stable signal for seamless connectivity throughout your home.


  1. WiFi signal information

  2. Cellular signal information

  3. Works for all types of network

  4. Get information about WiFi roaming

  5. View IP address & public IP address

  6. Appealing visual representation of data

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8. GlassWire

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

Sometimes too much of your phone’s app runs in the background and uses data which leads to a slow internet connection. GlassWire is an impressive data usage monitoring Android app that can help you in solving such a problem. You can easily analyze and view which apps are draining out your data and slowing down your internet connection. You can even set data alerts and data limits. They also offer a firewall service with which you can block or allow an app to connect to the internet.


  1. View data usage of apps

  2. Set data usage alerts and limits

  3. Create data usage widgets

  4. Graphical representation of data usage

  5. GlassWire’s Speed Meter for real-time data usage

  6. Firewall service with multiple firewall profiles

  7. Get alerts when a new app starts using data

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9. Network Signal Speed Booster

Network Signal Speed Booster

The Network Signal Speed Booster app is another remarkable network optimization tool designed toincreaseinternet speed and provide you with access to hotspot proxy, privacy, and internet security.They offer free and fast VPN service with unlimited Bandwidth with which you can download large files easily and steam high-quality videos buffer-free. You also get a NAT firewall and 256-Bit encryption to enhance your security and can easily switch between different locations multiple times.


  1. free VPN with unlimited bandwidth

  2. Fast VPN proxy

  3. NAT firewall and 256-Bit encryption

  4. No log policy

  5. Supports both WiFi and cellular connection

  6. Unblock geo-restricted websites

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10. Internet Speed Meter Lite

internet speed meter

The Internet Speed Meter Lite app is a user-friendly and lightweight tool that provides data usage details in the notification pane, allowing you to monitor your internet connection anytimeand you can access data usage reports for the past 30 days. The app offers both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering additional features such as theme support, smart notification, detailed graphs, upload and download speed monitoring, and more. Whether you want a quick glimpse of your internet speed or in-depth data analysis, the Internet Speed Meter Lite app has you covered.


  1. Lightweight and easy-to-use

  2. Real-time speed update in the notification bar

  3. Daily data usage in the notification bar

  4. Separate information for WiFi and cellular data usage

  5. Can monitor your traffic data for the past 30 days

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