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In today’s competitive world, relying only on your school and college education is not enough. To get an edge above others, it’s important to learn new skills side by side and keep yourself updated and industry ready. Whether you are looking for advancing your career or acquiring new skills, online learning platforms are the best solution for you, where you can learn new skills, explore topics, grow your knowledge, and boost your careerfrom the comfort of your home. With several websites on the internet offering online courses, we have shortlisted the 5 best online learning platforms that provide you with expert-led courses and valuable certificates of completion.

1. Udemy

udemy online courses

With millions of learners and real-world instructors worldwide, Udemy stands out to be one of the best learning platforms for everyone. Whether you’re a professional looking for career advancement or a student who wants to learn new things, this is a perfect platform that offers you over 45,000 courses from different fields like business, IT and software, design, and many more. Certification courses here are affordable and can be availed at discounted prices. However, if you are looking for free courses then many options are there as well. Udemy has its own feature-loaded app to ease your learning experience.


  1. Over 45,000 courses

  2. App is available

  3. Real-world industry experts

  4. Courses in over 65 languages

  5. Download courses and learn offline

  6. Dark mode for the app

  7. Customized schedules and reminders

  8. Lifetime access to courses

  9. Q&A with instructors

  10. Udemy business

  11. Affordable and discounted courses

  12. Get certificates of completion

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2. Coursera

Coursera online learning

If you’re looking for a good distant graduation or post-graduation program then Coursera can be your best learning platform. It provides certification courses and degree programs from the best companies and recognized universities around the world. You can start, switch or upgrade your career by learning industry-relevant and in-demand skills from world-class experts. Coursera helps you to boost your career with bachelor’s or master’s degrees, industry-specific courses, professional certification programs, and many more. They have both free and paid certification courses and have their own app where you can download courses and explore other features.


  1. Professional programs

  2. Online degree programs

  3. App is available

  4. Learn from industry experts

  5. Various free courses are available

  6. Download courses and learn offline

  7. Learn from top companies and universities

  8. Customized schedules and reminders

  9. Coursera for businesses

  10. Coursera for universities

  11. Coursera for governments

  12. Get certificates of completion

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3. LinkedIn Learning

linkedin learning platform

LinkedIn which is a popular social media platform among employers, job seekers, and students, offers a learning platform as well named LinkedIn Learning that can be accessed through its website and its own app. Here you can explore over 21,000 courses taught by experts and acquire all the skills you need to give your career new heights. You can learn by watching small-sized videos wherever and whenever you want. LinkedIn Learning allows you to download courses so that you can watch them offline and gives recommendations to various courses of your interest. With various free courses available, you can buy a monthly or an annual subscription as well to watch paid courses and showcases your certificate on your LinkedIn profile.


  1. App is available

  2. Access over 21,000 courses

  3. Free trial of 30 days

  4. Monthly and annual subscription

  5. Expert-led courses

  6. Watch course videos at your own pace

  7. Download videos for online viewing

  8. Various free courses are available

  9. Download courses for offline viewing

  10. Add certificates of completion to your LinkedIn profile

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4. edX

edx online courses

edX unlocks the potential of millions of learners where they can acquire and enhance new skills. Here you can pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in a diverse sector from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Oxford, etc. without worrying about location and cost. Thousands of courses from several fields are available on edX which are provided by top companies and institutions that help you in acquiring real-world knowledge and industry-specific skills.


  1. App is available

  2. edX for businesses

  3. Over 6,000 courses and programs

  4. Audit tracks and verified tracks

  5. Unlimited access to course material

  6. Learn from top universities and companies

  7. Self-paced courses available

  8. Various free courses are available

  9. Download courses for offline viewing

  10. Get certificates of completion

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5. Alison

alison online courses

Founded in Ireland in 2007, Alison has become one of the world’s largest free learning platforms where you can learn new skills and empower yourself irrespective of your economic status, location, and gender. Alison provides you with a well-organized library of more than 4,000 courses and programs where you can upgrade your skills and career. Alison’s courses are 100% free which means that you can enroll in all of their courses for free and complete them. However, you have to pay the price if you want the certificate of completion as well. Alison has a mobile app where you can track your learning status and shop for courses.


  1. App is available

  2. Over 4,000 courses and programs

  3. All Alison courses are free to enroll

  4. Taught by subject experts

  5. Learn anytime and anywhere

  6. Track your learning status in the app

  7. Watch courses at your own pace

  8. Personalized courses and career recommendations

  9. Unlimited access to course material

  10. Get certificates of completion

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