Twitter VS Threads: Which One is Better


With the launch of Meta’s Threads app, microbloggers, and text-based social media users have now another great alternative to Twitter and Reddit. The Threads app is an extension of Instagram and has similar features to Twitter where you can share threads with your Threads/Instagram followers.

If you want to know more about Threads, its features, and how it differs from Twitter then this article is for you where we have discussed key differences between the two and whichone can be a good pickfor you as of now.

Twitter VS Threads: An Overview

Before we talk about Meta’s latest app Threads, let’s understand one of the most popular text-based social media platforms Twitter, and the recent happenings with it. Twitter is an old and famous social media app launched in the year 2006. Twitter is different from other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram because, on Twitter, people share random thoughts, stories, memes, articles, and most importantly news in the form of tweets which mostly consist of texts, threads, and some images or videos.

Recently the acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion USD in October 2022 by the world’s richest person Elon Musk has boosted its popularity and attracted numerous users. The fact that Twitter is one of the best platforms to share world happenings and news has made it one of the most loved platforms for politicians, organizations, and brands. But on the other side, this thing has alsocaused many controversial issues withTwitter.

With the taking over of Twitter by X Corporation, many new features wereintroduced the current developers are trying to optimize the app and fix the bugs as much as possible. One of the most unique and controversial features that were introduced by Elon Musk recently is the ability to buy verified badges for all users and the compulsion tobuy a subscription to be a part ofTwitter Blue and access the verified badge.

Threads, an Instagram app is a text-based social media platform from Meta launched on the 6th of July 2023. The appis an extension of Instagram and possesses almost similar features and user interface to Twitter that allows users to create microblogs, share thoughts, news, memes, etc. Meta’s Threadsis being seen as a direct competitor of Twitterand can possess various threats to it. Recently there have been clashes between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, and the former challenged the latterfor acage fight.

Even though the cage fight may not occur, this heated-up scenario between the two tech billionaires has caused the introduction of the Threads app by Mark. The app allows you to access your Instagram followers, put your Threads badge on your Instagram profile, connect with your friends and followers, share your thoughts, etc, and because of these reasons the Threads has already crossed 30 million users in just 24 hours of its launch.

Key Differences Between Twitter and Threads

1. Web Version

Twitter has a web version of itself that allows you to use its platform using any web browser from your desktopor any other device but Threads as of now doesn’t have its web version available and is limited to be accessed using the app.

2. Character Limits

The per-tweet character limit of Twitter is 280 characters for unverified users and 10,000 characters for Twitter Blue users. Additionally, the latter also gets bold and italics typing. As of now, Meta’s Threads has a character of 500.

3. Account Creation

Since Threads is an extension of Instagram, you need to have an Instagram account in order to create your Threads profile but for Twitter, youcan create an independent account.

4. Account Data Transfer

Unlike Twitter where you have to start fresh and gain followers after creating a new account, the Threads allow you toimport your bio, profile picture, followers, and followings into Threads profilefrom your Instagram account.

5. Account Deletion

It is important to know that in the Threads app, you can only deactivate your account, and if you wish to delete your Threads profile permanently, you will have to delete your Instagram accountas well, but in the case of Twitter, you can freely deactivate or delete your Twitter profile without having its impact on any other platform.

6. Video Length Limit

Twitter allows nonverified users to upload videos of up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and for verified users this limit can goup to 2 hours. In the Threads app, both verified and non-verified users can upload videos of up to 5 minutes.

7. Image Limit

Just like Instagram, Threads allow you touploadup to 10 images in a single post while Twitter allows you to share only 4 images per tweet.

8. Trendings and Personalized Contents

Twitter’shome page allows you to see what topics are trending and the number of tweets on trending hashtags. Additionally, you can follow join or create a list of accounts that post the same genre of content. Examples:- Politicians, Cryptocurrency, Memes, and many more. Threads on the other hand have limited ways to access personalized or interestingtopics.

9. Media Section

Every account on Twitter has a media page where thetweets containing photos or videos can be viewed, but for the Threads app, there is no dedicated media page like Twitter. However, you can switch directly to their Instagram account to see their posts.

10. UserInterface

The UI of Twitter is far better than that of Threads’ and is likely to give you a better user experience. The bottom menu consists of the Home Page, Search, Twitter Spaces, Notifications, and DMs while the side menu consists of Profile, Twitter Blue, Topics, Bookmarks, Lists, Follower requests, and Twitter Circle.

In Threads, thebottom menuconsists of Home Page, Search, New Thread, Activity, and Profile while the side menu can be accessed from the profile section.

Which One is Better for You?

Threads is a newly launched app that seems like a hybrid edition of Instagram and Twitter. Though it provides a slightly higher limit of characters & image uploads and allows you to transfer your Instagram account information and followers to your Threads profile, it certainly lacks in exploring topics, personalized content, and most importantly user experience.

Twitter has been a microblogging and text-based social media platform for a very long time and thus has a quality user base and better UI. However, the reaching of 30 million users within 24 hours of launch and interlinking with Instagram indicates a good future for Threads as they have already a vast number of existing userbases.

So overall if you don’t want to switch from Instagram and want to experience a textual-based social media platform then, Threads can be your go-to choice as you will be connected with your followers but if you are more oriented towards infotainment articles like news, politics, science, finance, and worldly happenings thenTwitter can provide youwith quality content.

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