Google Assistant


Google Assistant - everything you need to know about it

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Google Assistant is a revolutionary technology which was once an unthinkable dream a decade ago. Find out what is it and how to make the most of it.


How To Turn off Google Assistant on Android Phone | Stop Hello Google

how-to Yukta

Don't want to use Google's virtual assistant? Here is a simple guide on how to turn off Google Assistant on your Android phone and stop Hello Google.


How To Take A Screenshot Using Google Assistant

how-to Reeya

In order to take a screenshot using Google assistant, first, you have to install Google assistant on your phone and then follow these steps to take the screenshot.


5 Best Siri Alternatives For Android That You Must Try In 2023

top-things Abhishek

If you are an Apple user tired of Siri and want to explore something new then you are at the right place. we have brought you the 5 best Siri alternatives.