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Nov 26, 2017 2542 Madhumitha

virtual private network

For those of you who don’t know what a VPN is, VPN is called as Virtual Private Network which is used for security and protection of sensitive data. By using a personal VPN, your IP address will be replaced with the one given by the VPN provider.

In simple words, no one can know what data you are accessing or where you are accessing the data really from except from the VPN provider. But it does not provide “complete” anonymity all the time.

So, why to use it? There are Top reasons to use VPN service.

Keep your Torrent activities private

virtual private network

The government has the official authority to arrest you for even trying to access the blocked torrent sites. They are able to do so because they monitor your activity and spy on what files you are downloading.

So it’s absolutely necessary to take precautions for hiding your identity.

A Virtual Private Network will help to hide your real IP address, in short, making it almost impossible to detect you.

Google cannot track you

virtual private network

Whether you like it or not, Google will monitor each and every web search you perform. This is done so as to customize your future search requests.

A high quality VPN encrypts all the activities and has good features like kill switch and DNS to protect your searches.

Access everything on Netflix

virtual private network

Annoyed of the copyright issues? Me too. Due to the media copyright, many shows and movies are not accessible to the users who are not from USA.

By using a VPN, you can alter your IP address so that you’ll appear as if you are from USA and thus unlocking the access to all the movies and the TV shows you wanted to watch.

Safe access to public Wi-Fi using VPN

virtual private network

Everyone likes the “free” internet which is provided at the public places. But these public hotspots are not safe because your browsing is not encrypted. Also, it can be a trap so as to hack your device.

You can overcome these problems using a VPN service.

Bypass the country’s internet censorship

virtual private network

Some countries limit the full access of the World Wide Web to the users by blocking certain websites. This is because some researches are considered to be “sensitive”.

A good quality VPN service can help to break these kinds of barriers.

Break out of a restricted network using VPN

virtual private network

You might have noticed that you are not allowed to open certain websites like Facebook, YouTube, Torrents, etc. in your school/college/office.

This is because they believe in blocking these kinds of website so as to increase your productivity.

A Virtual Private Network will help you to access these restricted networks.

Hide your internet activity from ISP

virtual private network

The ISP i.e your Internet Service Provider has the complete access to your internet browsing history. Nothing can be hidden.

But if you use a VPN service, you get total anonymity.

It ensures that all the connections between the resources and the devices are clocked, hence total privacy is achieved.

Privacy is your basic right! Right?

virtual private network

The main reason of using a VPN is that you should get privacy.

It’s obvious that you don’t want anyone to know what you are up to because it’s your right to browse whatever you want without being constantly monitored.