10 Reasons To Use a VPN Service | VPN Benefits

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Find out what is VPN and the benefits a user gets by using it. Here are 10 best reasons to use VPN services.


Top 10 free VPN software for Windows - DroidTechKnow

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology helps to make your public network a private one by hiding your IP. Here is the list of free VPN software for windows.


VPN vs Proxy Server: What's the difference | A Complete Guide

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The primary purpose of using VPN or Proxy Server is to make a secure connection over the internet by hiding your IP address or to prevent the users from hackers.


Youtube Restricts Video Streaming Quality to 480p in India, How To Watch Youtube in 1080p

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Youtube has restricted its maximum video playback quality to 480p for mobile users in India. But do not worry here are few ways to bypass youtube 480p video quality restriction and watch it in 1080p in india.


10 Best Free VPN Extensions for Google Chrome Browser

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Here is a list of 10 best free VPN Chrome Extensions according to their popularity, speed and reliability. Hola VPN, ExpressVPN, Touch VPN, TunnelBear VPN and more.


10 Best Free VPN Apps For iPhones and iPad In 2020

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A complete analysis is made about the top 10 best free VPN apps for iPhones and iPad with the information regarding the best features, security, reliability, and much more.


10 Best Free VPN Apps For Android Phones To Surf Internet Securely

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List of Best Free VPN Apps For Android Phones To Surf Internet Securely -TurboVPN, NordVPN, TouchVPN, SuperVPN, SecureVPN, TunnelBear, ThunderVPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, VPNMonster, Hola free


10 Best VPN Browsers For Android and iOS Devices

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Browsing is liked by many but on the other hand, compromised privacy is despised. So let’s browse the internet safely with these 10 best VPN browsers that come with an inbuilt VPN.


Google One VPN: Everything you need to know about New Google One VPN

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Google One offers a VPN service after buying 1TB Plan. Google One VPN not only keeps your online activity safe but aslo helps you feel secure from hackers.


Best Tools To Protect Your Online Privacy In 2021 And Why They Are Important

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Here are some best tools and tips you can use to keep yourself protected. These tools will secure your privacy while surfing the internet.


10 Best Privacy Apps for Android and iOS Devices

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Here are the 10 best privacy apps that can improve the privacy of your mobile devices and you will be free from risks revolving around online activities.


How To Regain Control of Your Accounts and Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

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Identity theft is one of the serious hacking attacks that can harm anybody. As the name implies, this crime is done when someone is stealing your identity for their own good. For example, using your bank credentials to withdraw all your money. It’s terrible, and that’s why it’s important to…


Maximizing Your Home Entertainment Setup: Tips for Firestick Users

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Whether you're a seasoned Firestick user or just getting started, this article will provide you with some valuable tips and tricks, like installing Kodi on firestick to help you get the most out of your home entertainment setup.