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August 25, 2018 5323 Samridhi Best money making apps fron android and iphone

Ever thought of earning by just spending your leisure time on your phone? No!! then you are leaving the bright golden chance of making money, of being paid for your every action. Shopping, walking, exercising, surveying. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look over the list of best money making apps that will help you to earn money.



This is the app that pays you to be fit. Each of your steps is counted with the help of accelerometer attached with the GPS of your phone. This helps you to get sweat coins that can be redeemed as gift coupons and buying fitness gears. Paypal also does support this. If you want to help charities, there’s also an option available to donate the sweat coins you have earned to the charity.

Download Sweatcoins from Playstore | iTunes


  1. It is available only in Canada and the US.

  2. Motivates to walk more and earn more.


  1. Low earning potential

  2. Only available in Canada and the UK.


Field Agent


This helps you to earn money for completing the task assigned in the time allotted. The tasks may range from going stores, giving survey or running errands. The payments depend on the task’s intensity. Though there is always some time limit within which you have to complete the task. The rewards can be redeemed from PayPal and Dwolla account.

Download Field Agent from Playstore | iTunes


  1. One can easily earn money from this app.

  2. This app involves tasks which can make you move around.


  1. It is available only in 10 countries.

  2. The app does not give much according to the time we invest in completing tasks.


Tap cash Rewards


Ever thought of getting paid for playing games? Tap cash rewards pay you to install and play online games. You can also earn by just testing new apps and giving your reviews. You can also invite your friends using the invite code in the setting option that will add more to your bag.

Download Tap Cash Rewards from Playstore


  1. Daily login bonus can be easily earned by coming and logging in the app daily.

  2. Inviting friends to the app using invitation code can help you to generate more money.


  1. Some games are limited to a specific area or country can’t be used for this app.

  2. One faces lots of advertisements and cookies.


Survey On The Go

surveys on the go

It is the platform where you can share your opinion about your day. You can write reviews about the store you have visited, an item you have used, sorts you have played, serials or programs you have watched or places you have checked in or anything. It is the app that hears your opinion and pays you for sharing your opinion and reviews. Thus, it is a kind of paid survey taking that they can have and earn money simultaneously.

Download SOTG from Playstore | iTunes


  1. Has a good and straight cash deposit in PayPal account.

  2. Quick and easy payouts are offered by SOTG.

  3. It is free to join and provides interesting and fun opportunities.


  1. It offers a limited amount of surveys.

  2. Random screening that usually frustrates the user.

  3. There are very few high-paying screening options available.




iPoll is an online and mobile community which helps you to earn money by just giving your opinions about the different products and services you use or even the places you visit every day. You first have to provide his/her basic information so that desirable tasks can be set on your account. Based on your information, you will be asked to share its opinion about certain product reviews, ad-testing, in-store shopping experiences and brand awareness. After giving your views, credits are generated as cash, as cash backs, gift cards or even as a golden entry to a $10,000 Quarterly Prize Draw. The strategy is simple ’Thoughts for rewards’.

Download iPoll from Playstore | iTunes


  1. One can contribute anytime from anywhere. It works in almost every country.

  2. Payouts options are available on PayPal and visa prepaid cards

  3. Pays above-average rates for time spent


  1. 2-4 weeks for payouts to reach account.

  2. 3% fees on PayPal cashouts.

  3. Minimum17 years of age to be its user.




If you are a photo freak or an amateur photographer, then Foap is something that will make you money from those photo collection. One needs only to upload the photographs to the foap platforms, which is one way of selling the photos to the different brands and photo agencies. The more attractive your photo, the more it’ll catch audience eyes, the more you will be paid. Besides this, Foap regularly launches missions where one has to submit a themed photo and the best one will be awarded.

Download Foap from Playstore | iTunes


  1. Any photo of any theme is acceptable but in a good quality.

  2. Regular competitions and missions help to earn more money.

  3. 50% of the commission is received don every sell of the photograph.


  1. Sometimes even a good photo is not paid or sold.

  2. It is not always necessary to get what one expects for the piece.




Shopkick is an American company that helps you to earn rewards as ‘kicks’ for completing certain tasks assigned to you. The tasks are assigned on the daily basis and range from visiting shops and buying things, referring codes and online shopping, according to your location. More perks are given as kicks and gift cards if one clicks and uploads the picture of the receipt.  This app earns you money by spending little and earning more.

Download Shopkicks from Playstore | iTunes


  1. There is no registration fee, and anyone can register it for free.

  2. Earning points ’kicks’ is not a tough task.

  3. There is a wide range of options available to choose our reward medium. Gift cards are available for a variety of company and PayPal also supports the cash rewards.


  1. Though there are many stores, not every store can avail the Shopkick facility.

  2. One cannot earn money directly. Only gift cards are available as rewards.


Google Opinion Rewards


Google is the most trusted and respected company. And it respects you too. Here’s the money making app by Google in which you are paid for your opinion. There are scheduled surveys that ask for your personal information, opinions about certain things and innovative ideas. It doesn’t take much of your time about 30 sec or more. Just make Google aware of what’s happening in your mind and earn money. The rewards are transferred to your Google store account or PayPal accounts for Android and iOS users respectively.

Download Google Opinion Rewards from Playstore | iTunes


  1. The app is user-friendly and interactive and notifies you whenever there is a new survey available.

  2. The reward amount is easily and directly transferred to your account.

  3. The surveys are simply based on your recent check-ins.


  1. The app does not give cash directly and can be obtained only as Google play credits for androids.

  2. The app is available only in a few countries to download.

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