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Feb 09, 2020 4951 Anushka
Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

Android Video Editors are the need of the hour! In this age of social media, millennials are continuously active and spend hours to create posts and garner likes and comments. So, you can instantly transform everyday moments and pictures into creative videos. Android Video Editors enable automatic sharing options for different social sites. Android Video Editors allow the creation of fun videos quickly and easily. You can arrange the pictures, make a video and upload them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

A vast number of Android Video Editors are available for android smartphones on Google Play Store. They are convenient to work with and have a collection of amazing features. Here, are the 10 best Android Video Editors of 2020.

1. VivaVideo

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

VivaVideo is one of the most used video editing tools among all video editors, these days. Its vast popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly interface. In addition, it contains multiple video editing features. The VivaVideo app provides hundreds of user-friendly effects. As a result, VivaVideo is loved by many. This popular video editor has a vast range of stickers and filters. VivaVideo provides options for animated clips, with its vast animation and transitions range.

It provides options for the addition of subtitles. It has a slow-motion video making feature and provides easy and efficient video cutting, pasting trimming and merging features.

A wide variety of collage templates and themes are also available. You can easily share your videos among the VivaVideo community and other social networking sites. However, it contains a few ads. So, you can switch to other apps, if ads annoy you.

2. FilmoraGo

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

FilmoraGo has features for all the primary functions like trimming, cutting, adding themes and music, etc. It is easy to use, quick and efficient. It has options for video resizing for Instagram and YouTube. You can create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion text and much more.

FilmoraGo has got multiple features to beautify your video some in-app purchases, but mostly free. You can either save the videos in your gallery directly and use it later. In addition, you can share it straight to any social networking site.

Photos and videos can be imported from social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It provides an extensive collection of templates and effects and a set of professional editing tools. It is one of the most efficient and fast among all Android Video Editors.

3. KineMaster

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

KineMaster is a convenient video editing tool for Android. It is clubbed with a well-designed interface and powerful features. KineMaster offers a vast range of features to create professional-looking videos. We can add different transitions and insert subtitles.

KineMaster has an individual edition with free features and a professional edition that provide removal of watermark and full access to premium assets.

4. Movie Maker

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

Movie Maker contains a vast range of features, more than any other video editor. The major advantage of Movie Maker is it is easy to handle tools that are absolutely free and quick. It has video resizing option as well, that can be used to create videos for YouTube and Instagram.

If you easily get disturbed with ads, then this app is not for you. Overall, the app is useful for making short videos. It has motion track animation effects and text animation effects, stickers, filters, and cinematic effects.

Above all, it is really efficient in common video editing features like merging and trimming.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the new and exciting video editor app. However, it is an average Adobe video editor app. The app has some new and advanced editing tools. This popular video editor includes multi-track timelines, cloud syncing and much more.

It is really good with the basic editing features, as well. It has some issues with its interface and bug fixes, yet it is worth a try.

Another editor from Adobe is Adobe Premiere Clip which has features and interfaces like a standard mobile video editor.

6. Funimate

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

It has over 100 advanced video effects that are perfect for editing short videos. Funimate justifies its name, it is fun to create and edit professional-looking videos. It has a huge amount of video editing features of easy and advanced level. It contains more than 100 advanced video effects.

You can also get followers and follow other accounts in it. Funimate has a dedicated Funimate video community where you can make collab videos with friends.

It is absolutely free to use.

7. Quik

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

Quik is a new video editor app. It has the potential to be a popular video editor as it is simple and easy. You can add up to 50 photos and video clips into the video. The app automatically creates a short video from them.

This video editor contains multiple video styles and themes to customize your video. You can save the video in your phone gallery or share them on any social media network. It is less powerful than other video editors but it is free to use.

8. VideoShow

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

VideoShow is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps for Android. It is free to use. VideoShow is reliable and easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface.

It has features to adding subtitles, start and end texts, themes, effects, music and all other essentials. You can even perform live dubbing using VideoShow.

It provides 50+ themes and styles. It has options to adjust speed, blur background, music format converter, voice enhancement features.  There are no restrictions for the time duration. VideoShow never degrades the video quality automatically and provides video compression options.

9. PowerDirector

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

PowerDirector is the most powerful video editor to create professional-looking videos with beautiful themes effects, within seconds. It has 30+ different effects and transition effects.

You can create green screen videos with PowerDirector. Videos can be exported in 4K with hardware support and upgraded version. Above all, PowerDirector has tutorial videos for all of its features. Most of its essential features are available in the free version and upgraded version allows you to remove watermark and ads. In addition, it has a Chroma key selector that imparts transparencies in videos and layer effects. It also has a feature for creating slow-motion videos.

10. Magisto

Android Video Editors : DroidTechKnow

Magisto has an amazing auto-editing features and themes for those who don’t have a professional video editing experience. Therefore, Magisto is an effortless and efficient android video editor. You can combine video clips, photos, music, text, video effects, and video filters to help you make an excellent video within a few minutes.

It is free with some in-app purchases, as well. It provides a direct option to share videos on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and Twitter.

Apart from these Android Video Editors, you can look for more video editors and slideshow maker on Google Play Store.

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