10 Best Equalizer and Bass Booster Apps for Android and iPhone/iPad


Listening to music is always soothing. Hardly you will find someone who can say no to music. Thanks to our smartphones, we can now listen to music anywhere we like. Every music lover would always want to enhance their music experience. Downloading equalizer and bass booster apps can be a way to enhance your music listening experience. Many of you must not be knowing about these apps, but don’t worry as we are always here for your help. Before moving on to Best Bass Booster and Equalizer Apps for Android and iPhone, let’s first know what these apps are?

Bass booster or Equalizer apps are nothing but simple apps which help to amplify music by changing the simple settings provided in them. You can set different equalizers for experiencing the difference in music. It’s hard to explain how a classical setting will sound different from rock. So why not just choose the one from our list of 10 Best Equalizer and Bass Booster Apps carefully curated for you to experience different music in different modes.

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List Of Top 10 Best Equalizer and Bass Booster Apps for Android and iPhone/iPad

1. Bass Booster and Equalizer

Bass Booster and Equalizer is one of the best equalizer apps for Android. It lets you adjust the volume according to your ear’s preference. The best part is it enhances every audio, music, or Video coming out from your device. It is trusted by 1 million downloads and also contains genuine reviews in the Play store. This best bass booster app has earned itself a rating of 4.5 stars. The app also comes with frequent updates.

Bass Booster and Equalizer best Equalizer apps


  • It contains 16 colorful themes with a cool spectrum.

  • The app enhances the bass boost effect and the sound quality it produces is amazing.

  • Bass Booster app has a five-band equalizer and 10 present equalizations includingNormal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, and Rock.

  • Customizable preset

  • Amazing Stereo surround sound

  • It also shows a notification on the notification panel.


  • Automatic off sometimes troubles its users.

2. Boom

Apart from being a best equalizer apps, Boom is also a best music player. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you want to experience 3D music then you must choose this equalizer app for IOS and Android. You can also listen to your favorite tracks on Spotify or Tidal or even your own music playlist. Moreover playing Hi-Res audio will allow you to listen to high audio details especially in 3D mode.

Boom preview


  • You will have access to 20000+ radio and podcasts from all over the world.

  • The app allows you to listen to music from google drive as well as dropbox and that too with effects.

  • It provides its users with 22 handicraft equalizer presets.

  • This equalizer app supports various music file formats includingAIFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and DSF.

  • Available for both Android and iOS platform.


  • The only drawback is you can not rewind the same song again and again.

3. Extra Volume Booster-loud sound speaker

If you are someone who is struggling with low sound on the device then this app will surely help your Android phone to boost the volume along with the base. So this is not just the best Android equalizer app but it is one of the best volume booster apps for Android. The app is also able to boost the audio of all incoming and outgoing calls as well.

Apart from boosting volume, the Extra Volume Booster also comes with different musical effects that you can try.

extra volume booster


  • With Extra Volume Booster app, you get to experience the stereo sound effect.

  • Now you don’t have to worry about the calling sound, as the app also boosts the volume for all calls.

  • You can boost the volume up to 200%


  • Not available for IOS.

4. N7 Player Music Player

N7 Player Music Player has done great work on searching for music in the most innovative way. The app provides you the high-quality audio with lots of presets. With its advanced and countless features, this best bass booster app becomes a perfect choice for Android and iPhone users. In addition to it, you can access the current playlist really quickly.

N7 player music


  • You get to experience the gesture control for your music player.

  • Changing themes and widgets are really alluring pros for this best bass booster app.

  • The playlists are very easy to manage.

  • The app features a tag editor which helps you to collect information from the playlists and create a tag for them.

  • Stream your music to Chromecast/AirPlay/DLNA


  • The only drawback here is after closing the app the old playlist doesn’t resume.

5. Equalizer Pro and Bass Booster

Equalizer Pro and Bass Booster app not only boosts the bass but also enhances the sound quality of your device and helps you experience the virtual 3D sound. It comes with both a volume booster and a speaker booster. Like most of the best equalizer apps, this app also provides you with five band equalizers.

Equalizer pro


  • It comes with 10 equalizer presets and five visual spectrums.

  • The app provides music playback control.


  • Ads are very random that is very frustrating for some users

6. Flat Equalizer: Bass Booster and Volume Booster

If you are a Google fan then this Android bass booster is the one for you as you get an app for Equalizer, Bass Boost, Volume Booster, and Virtualizer individually. You can control these settings individually so now if you want to boost bass you don’t have to make changes in the EQ. And if paired with headphones, you get the best results.

The app comes with a very easy user interface as it follows Google’s Material Design. Moreover, if you are someone who likes their music loud, you can easily use this best bass booster app for Bluetooth speakers. Your experience would be worth downloading the app.

Flat Equalizer


  • It features a minimal flat UI for the best experience.

  • You get to choose between light and dark themes as per your convenience.

  • The presets include classical, dance, folk, heavy, metal, hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock.

  • The app comes with regular updates thus making your experience even better.

  • It works with almost all music as well as video players.


  • It does not run in the background.

  • Available only for Android

7. Music Player HD+Equalizer

A music player that comes with an inbuilt equalizer so you don't need to install the two different apps on your device. The app comes with lots of unique features like audio playing from video, set music player background, share your music, etc. So if you want a music player with a built-in equalizer and lots of features then Music Player HD+Equalizer is the best equalizer and bass booster app for iPhone and Android devices.

You can control the bass booster and equalizer individually like the Flat Equalizer. The additional eye-catching feature is the presets are customizable. In addition to it, you can set your favorite photo in the background.

Music Player HD+Equalizer


  • You can play music without worrying about the file format as it supports various formats like mp3, mp4, m4a, Ogg, WMA*, FLAC, Wav, ape, WV, etc

  • It allows easy sharing of music via WhatsApp, email, Facebook, or other apps.

  • You can even use the music player to set a ringtone for your device.

  • It supports folder playback.

  • You even get music playback control on the lock screen.


  • The app comes with a lot of ads which decreases the experience level.

8. Poweramp Music Player

One of my favorite music players. Its UI and sound quality is great. The app also has lots of gestures like a swipe right/left to change the song. Poweramp music player has all the qualities that a music player with an in-built equalizer has.

It is the Audio Engine with frequent updates, it comes with a new updated Equalizer long with the new Reverb/Tempo effects. The dark and light UI makes the experience even better. So if you are searching for the best Android equalizer app with the inbuilt best music player then you can choose Poweramp and trust it without any further thoughts.

PowerAmp music player preview image


  • It supports all types of formats including mp3, mp4/m4a, Ogg, WMA, FLAC, Wav, ape, WV, tta, mpc, AIFF.

  • The app has10 bands of the optimized graphical equalizer.

  • It also supports Google assistance as well as Chromecast.

  • You can also search for lyrics with the help of the lyrics plugin.


  • Not availablr for iOS

9. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is one of the all-rounder best bass booster and equalizer apps for Android. All-rounder is because of its ability to carry out different functions like editing music and share them. According to us, the best function of this app is the Ringtone cutter. Now you don’t have to set the full song as the ringtone. you can simply cut out your favorite portion and set it as your ringtone.

An all-new feature of Pi Music that lets you play Youtube music on the player itself. Search from millions of youtube music and listen on the Pi Music App. Also, you can play your favorite songs while working on some other tasks because it comes with a floating video player. So this last Android equalizer app is the best one that suited for all of your requirements.

Pi Music player is best equalizer apps


  • It comes with a 5 Band equalizer with 25 presets as well as a bass booster.

  • PI Power Share helps you to share the music.

  • You can browse Youtube videos and add them to your own Playlist.

  • The app also allows a floating window for video playing so that you can be multitasking.


  • The free version comes with annoying ads.

  • Not available for iOS devices

10. SuperBass

If you are looking only for a Bass booster for earphones then this app is the best for your Android phone that will boost your device bass. It supports virtual 3D sound as well as audio bass enhancement. However, the sound quality is not that good in speakers. The app comes with a slider block enhancer’s volume, bass enhancement, bass boosted, virtual 3D surround sound, 5-band equalizer, etc.

superbass best equalizer apps


  • The app can run in the background.

  • It also shows a notification.

  • The app provides its users with an acoustic equalizer effect.


  • The app comes with annoying ads. However, the ad can be removed by paying for the pro version.

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