Best Indian Apps List: Made In India apps List To download In 2020

June 18, 2020 5345 Shreya
Best Indian Apps list

We will look at all the best Indian apps list for your smartphone. These apps are made in India for India and are surprisingly very popular.India is a fast-growing nation. IT professional talent is rising daily. Many MNCs have corporate offices in India. Startups and firms compete with the silicon valley today. You can download these made in India apps for mobile easily within minutes. We have also made a FAQ guide for you so that you can explore them. You will know a lot about these mobile applications. You will even know which are the most downloaded mobile apps in India.

Best Indian apps: our favorite Indian mobile apps list

Indian companies and service providers have made apps for mobiles. These apps for many categories. We are going to list these best Indian apps finally. We will also discuss its features one by one. There are for entertainment, banking & educational apps, etc. Let’s dive into the list. Keep reading the complete list of best Indian apps.

Let us take a look at the list of the best Indian apps lists. We have mentioned the best Indian apps from every category. Firstly, we included travel apps, banking apps, and more. These apps are the best Indian apps because they are the most popular apps in India. These apps have great functionalities and features. Lastly, many Indians trust these Indian apps for security reasons, and don’t want to invite trouble by downloading non Indian apps.

1. Flipkart: best online shopping app in India

Flipkart app - the best indian shoping app

In our best Indian apps list, we decided to keep Flipkart on top. It is a multipurpose app. You can do online recharges, book travel, and of course, shop online. Flipkart app has more than 100 million downloads. Flipkart is an app in India for online shopping trusted by many. You will find it surprisingly one of the best online shopping apps in India. And, even customers love it for many reasons, ultimately. Everything is available for buying on the app. To name a few clothing, electronics, home decor, etc. The app is easy to use. It has gained the trust of crores of Indians.

Flipkart features

  1. 24×7 customer helpline

  2. Reward points

  3. Pay later option

  4. Fast deliveries

  5. Easy returns

2. Zomato- best online food ordering app in India

best indian food Zomato app

Ordering food online is comfortable with Zomato. Zomato is an online food ordering and delivery app in India. The Zomato app has grown globally within a few years! It offers many surprisingly many varieties of food on its online menu. Zomato also recently launched online grocery deliveries under 1 hour. Using Zomato is a very easy thing. It’s the reason for its success. People also love the witty jokes and memes it shares on its social profiles. It is a good marketing strategy, after all.

Zomato features

  1. variety of cuisines

  2. premium membership like Zomato gold

  3. 24×7 customer helpline

  4. multiple modes of payment

  5. hassle-free food ordering

When you order lip-smacking food, you take a loot of pictures! Users love these gallery apps to keep their photos organized.

3. Paytm: best online wallet in India

paytm best indian app

Paytm is in the best Indian apps list, because it is made by Indians for Indians. After all, Paytm is a mobile application that is used by millions of Indians. Paytm is an app in India for online money transfers. The security offered by the app is remarkable. Paytm is a digital wallet and digital banking service, provider. It allows its users to make instant payments via UPI. Apart from money transfers, Paytm has other features too. There are options to make online recharges electricity bill payments, booking cinema tickets, and more.

Paytm features:

  1. No KYC compulsory

  2. Electricity bill payments

  3. Easy money transfers

  4. Online mobile recharge

  5. Bills payment

  6. Paytm games

Security is very important when it comes to online money transfer. Get these best antivirus apps. We have included the best Indian antivirus apps on the list too.

4. Ola Cabs: best cab service in India and best online cab booking in India

ola - best cab indian app

Ola app is for cab booking and ride-sharing. It is a part of our best Indian apps list for cab sharing. Ola is very popular in India and surprisingly a competitor to Uber. It is easy to book cabs using the Ola Cabs app. Finally, it offers unbeatable fares, thanks to its vast fleet of cars. Ola is an Indian ride-sharing company that also has its operations in the United Kingdom. Apart from this, Ola also offers Ola money. Ola money is a digital wallet used to pay for rides. Users can also make electricity payments online recharges using the ola money feature.

Ola cabs features

  1. Instant ride booking

  2. Inexpensive fares

  3. Ola money

  4. Ride-sharing or carpooling

  5. Shuttle service

6. BookMyShow: best movie ticket booking app in India

bookmyshow best indian travel app

BookMyShow is an online portal to book tickets for events and movies. It is a part of the best Indian apps list for being the most used movie ticked booking app. BookMyShow can also be used to book tickets to sporting events. It has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. BookMyShow app is one of the most popular mobile apps in India.

BookMyShow features

  1. Easy ticket booking

  2. Online ticket, no need to print

  3. Discovery events in the city

7. best travel app in India

yatra-best-indian-app is finally our selection in the best Indian apps list, for travel planning. is an Indian online travel agency. Firstly, it is easy to use the app and website.The app allows users to plan their travel itinerary without any hassles.You can book flight tickets, holiday packages and more quickly. is one of the most downloaded Indian apps. Also, the app has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. features

  1. Flight offers

  2. Domestic flights and International flight booking

  3. Train tickets booking

  4. Holiday packages

  5. Online cab booking

  6. Interstate bus ticket booking


Talented Indians have made the best Indian apps and is used by the world today. Apart from India, the operations of these apps have slowly expanded globally.

Our list of best Indian apps include:

  1. Zomato

  2. Paytm

  3. Flipkart

  4. Ola Cabs


Tell us in the comments which apps do you think is the best Indian apps. We will include them in our list of best Indian apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are mobile apps?

Mobile applications can be downloaded on mobile to make life easy. You can down our mentioned best Indian apps to get started today.

How can I download mobile apps?

To download mobile apps, go to Google Play Store on your Android device. Choose the Apple Store if you use iPhone to download apps.

Are mobile apps free?

Mostly mobile apps are free to use. Some mobile apps might charge payment or using their services. Many of our mentionedbest Indian apps are free. For using some services you might be asked to pay.

Are mobile apps secure?

Mobile apps are secure to download. However, as a user, you must ensure that you download the mobile app from a trustworthy site. Our mentionedbest Indian apps are trusted by many Indians are safe to install.

Why are mobile apps so popular?

Mobile apps are so popular because they make everyday life easy. With using a mobile app, you can do a lot of things quickly. It is also a reason why we made this list of best Indian apps.

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