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Jan 10, 2018 2822 Aaksh Singh Linux Distributions

Looking for Best Linux Distributions. This article is for you then. Best Linux Distributions means best for "you". Linux Torvalds is the creator of Linux. Linux was developed for personal computer but today is used on many platforms like servers, databases etc. All the software are freely available in Linux. In fact, Linux is one of the most well-known examples of free and open source collaboration.

Some of the most popular Linux Distributions are Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora, CentOS, Kali Linux. of course, The best thing about Linux is every Linux Distro is free. An operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. In fact, Linux has various Desktop Environment namely KDE, Unity, Gnome, Mate, Cinnamon. Also, All the Linux distribution is highly secure.

Best Linux Distribution


Linux Distributions

This is the most popular Linux distribution. In fact, This is based on Debian Architecture. Ubuntu usually runs on personal machines but it also used in networks and servers. Ubuntu usually gets an upgrade in every two years with Long Term Support. Long Term Support is for five years after five the version will not get any updates. A short-term support upgrade is also released in two years. Short Term Support has 9 months of updates. Ubuntu is very popular among the beginners. By default, Ubuntu uses Unity Desktop Environment.

Check out their official website for more information and download the latest ISO image.


Linux Distributions

Fedora is sponsored by red hat company. It has a relatively short life cycle. Each version is usually supported for 13 months which is 5 years in Ubuntu. Fedora has a position for the anchor on innovation, integrating new technologies early on and working closely with upstream communities. In fact, Fedora 21 onward it is available in three categories. Workstation, focused on the personal machines, Server and Cloud in Servers and Atomix focused on the Cloud Computing. Fedora usually role out a new version in every 6 months.

Kali Linux

Linux Distributions

kali Linux is based on Debian Architecture. It is a used in Penetration Testing, Security Auditing etc. Kali Linux basically used in Hacking whether Black hat or White Hat. It contains a large number of Security Task tools. Security Tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Reverse Engineering. Backbox, Bugtraq, BlackArch Linux are some OS like Kali Linux.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux basically follows four principles namely simplicity, modernity, and pragmatism, versatility. After installation arch, you will get a simple command prompt and you can install software just you want to install. The Design approach follows KISS principle that is "Keep It Simple, Stupid". Arch Linux. Pacman is the package manager of the arch. Pacman is used to install, uninstall and update the software.


Linux Distributions

Linux Mint is based on Debian and Ubuntu. Although It has a very friendly GUI it is very powerful. Linux Mint currently using Cinnamon Desktop Environment.In fact, The installation process is very easy. Linux mint has refined the Ubuntu Software Center. Now it has Software Center as good as Ubuntu. It is very simple yet most complete OS.