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Sept 04, 2018 5697 Shreya home devices of 2018 which are irresistible

Home devices of 2018 which are taking over every house and every aspect of day to day routine are the news you should be keeping a watch on. Moving ahead from pagers, fax machines, the world was once fascinated with smartphones and laptops in general that made multitasking an elite job and oh so effortless. Stepping into the error of smart home devices, the same buzz and waves of excitement are observed in huge masses. A hit or a miss is for time to tell. But in the meanwhile, we can surely get you familiar with the best in the market at this time along with its unique selling points so you're not lost while getting into this new technology.

What is a home device?

A home device is a smart device that you install into your unit in the apartments for rent in Alexandria and into your home-obviously. But in a more detailed description, a home device is an electronic accessory with integrated artificial intelligence which evolves with the user and is meant to make thousands of tasks effortless for you. They can turn up the thermostat, make your shopping list, play music- do every mundane and precession bearing task so that you don't have to.

They can pair up with your smart-wear devices and also keep the ability to synchronize with your calendars and laptops and every device you are basically signed into.

They double up as personal assistants too and help you get on with a more natural command practice to call somebody, or make appointments for you or to simply save you the address of the family member you are driving to this weekend.

Why should you get a home device?

If you aren't convinced already, you should get a home device because that's the future of technology and you wouldn't want to miss out! The home devices are still in its initial development stages and the baby steps are yet to mature into a full-fledged functional device that does the work done by hook or crook. But the verdict, if it's worthy for you or not, is completely dependent on your purpose of use and what you would like to make of this technological blessing in disguise.

Here's the best of the best home devices:

1. Apple HomePod

Our numero uno on this list, the Apple Home Pod is on a fast pace to conquer the Apple fanatic's living spaces- and is ready to win new customers who praise other *cough* Amazon Echo and *cough* Google Home brands. Here's why:

  1. Apple's HomePod comes with an array of six-microphone array arrangement which produces a surreal bass experience. Apple likes to boast of this device's powerful top-notch sound clarity even if the volume is low.

  2. Playing and chatting with Siri, even from across the room goes down in good books of this device's performance.

  3. The A8 processor in this device makes the magic happen and runs the device without lagging and makes it capable of real-time interactions-which is something expected from a home device for obvious reasons.

  4. By simply saying "Hey Siri", you as a user and a consumer can unlock multiple possibilities of playing songs and streaming from AirPlay if you are into home automation as well.

This visionary product still needs more improvement in playback, as it sometimes misses response and can't get well with speech recognition, as quoted by the NewYork Times.


2. Google Home

This device advances over every field of implementation it is essentially designed for. Thanks to the improved AI technologies being practised by Google which made the crowd's crazy earlier this year while announcing Android P and advanced AI technologies on which Google is working on at the moment. The sales for Google Home is already chart-topping and leaves Apple HomePod panting for meeting sales as close to Google Home's.

Here's the reason why Google Home is on the rise:

  1. Google's bleeding money on marketing since it's collaboration with AI giants like IBM. But since that's not directly related consumers, it's surely related to providing with a better user experience, is where this devices never fails. This gained momentum and on an average, a user owns more than 2 Google Home devices (Stats by Forbes).

  2. Just like Apple's HomePod, Google Home offers connectivity over Wi-Fi and BlueTooth©.

  3. This 3"x5" device fit's well with the decor of the living spaces, but also fit's well with the lifestyle of users. In addition to voice commands, a physical touch surface is also provided. You can synchronize your Google Calendar, Keep, Contacts etc and every other uncountable add-on with the device.

  4. Since it comes in an appealing color assortment to select from, users find more comfort in grabbing this device above any other home device. But what's on the outside is not enough- what's on the inside is the technology that allows you to get your morning brief, save maps and also remind you to call your grandmother.

  5. Google assistant is booming with new features and there's only so much room to contain it. Google Home is a true example of this. In the near future, one can expect it to make real-time appointments for dinner, a haircut and more. What's more exciting is that you can expect to chat with the assistant bot as if it was a real person!

3. Amazon Echo

We're all about saving best for the last so that you can really compare why we call it the best. Amazon Echo has a whopping market share overtaking its competitors in the home device category with 50 million devices sold by this August 2018. This is why the Amazon Echo is amazing:

  1. It knows what the customer needs and hits the bulls-eye! It targets a good 24x7 assistance and even removes the room to need one in the first place, with its technologies. The technology is so advanced against its competitors that Forbes forecasts it's sale to be the highest by the end of this year.

  2. The reason behind this sale growth is its sleek design, a 360-degree speaker crowned into this sleek black cylindrical body. What's different about it is that, you can order your groceries with the Amazon tags (which is Amazon's latest venture), and get them delivered into your house even in your absence, with the assistance of a special configured digital key.

  3. The feedback is the most natural sounding from this device. It almost feels like there is some other person in the room.

  4. Just say "hey Alexa" and get your morning news briefings, sports updates, music playback and much more within seconds.

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