4 Must-Have Qualities of a Stellar Customer Service Rep


It typically requires a special type of person to thrive in customer service. As these individuals are in continuous contact with clientele, which marks their secret code of how that particular business (they represent) performs. Customer service teams are keen to help; the not so happy with their job, CS reps are excited for the day to be concluded.

If you happen to be a customer service manager consider employing new representatives, or if you’re a representative observing to do well at your job. In this article, we are going to share 4 key traits for good customer service reps; some certain traits to possess and work upon. Here, we will be giving you a breakdown of the four best customer service characteristics, so you can develop your service tactic and improve the general customer experience.

1. Endurance

Customer service is not a laid-back nor stress-free job. At its finest best, you would be left feeling good for helping a customer out with their difficulty and they would continue doing business with the company you work for. Perhaps they would even recommend your business to their friends, colleagues, and family.

On the worst side, you would be left curious about why you took this occupation in the first place even. It’s quite easy to get annoyed with a customer as they are distressed over a product not functioning as they expected.

With that being said, patience or endurance is the number one quality to look for when hiring or working as an agent. It really goes a long way while working with customers. Having tolerance will result in more effective chats rather than yelling contests. If a disappointed customer realizes you’re handling their problem calmly, you help them have faith that their issue is not the end of the world.

2. Compassion

Accurately comprehending how a customer senses by putting automatically in their shoes isn’t an easy peculiarity to find, but it’s vital to be great customer service. If your representatives can’t fathom a customer’s hindrance, they’ll certainly not be able to resolve a concern without a clash, and the customer can leave the discussion feeling worse off. Spectrum team had been extremely compassionate whenever contacted, no matter how difficult the concerns got but they were gentle.

Even if inadequate to provide compassion is for the sake of getting closeness to the next person in line as swiftly as possible, acting as you don’t care would never be a good idea in the customer’s eyes. Particularly in the business-to-business (B2B) world, understanding customer service is acute as it’s one of the significant traits that aid in retaining customers by forming deep relationships.

3. Communication Skills

It is not adequate to be concerned and tolerant if you are incapable to transfer that to customers. Being a customer service rep is more like acting out. You should be able to come through as knowledgeable, expert, and proficient in handling all sorts of situations irrespective of the sternness of the subject at hand.

You could be a veteran agent, but if you cannot communicate the correct way to the customer when they are distressed, the complete experience would be looked at adversely. Also, if such poor experiences take place too frequently, customers would stop reaching out completely. That’s a dead-end for any customer rapport.

4. Tech-Savvy

Listening and Talking is certainly necessary, but representatives also get the advantage significantly from using customer service software in lots of ways. This key does various things, comprising consolidating tickets for representatives, assisting several channels (phone, live chat, email) for customers touching base with you, and lots more. Being capable of navigating the software swiftly can make a huge influence on how you connect with customers. If you can access the correct information in an instantaneous, you would drastically reduce how long it requires to resolve the dispute. This makes everybody pleased.

It’s also best to be capable of using a tablet, smartphone, and computer for corresponding with customers. For this reason, make sure the service software comes with a mobile app that enables you to access customer information and key tickets on the go. Businesses are now more mobile, and the capability to offer services on the go is becoming predictable in the business realm.

The Final Thoughts

Customer service teams habitually spend most of their time with customers, managing their problems speedily and professionally. For doing this well, they require four traits:

  1. A strong determination powered by perseverance

  2. The talent to have compassion for customers

  3. An aptitude to connect effectively

  4. A skill for technology

As a customer service leader considering to hire a new workforce, or you’re eyeing to re-train your existing employees, you must pay attention to these key customer service mannerisms. They certify employees are capable and eager to look at matters from the client’s perspective to keep everybody happy.