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Dec 30, 2017 9100 Komal Rangoonwala Android cleaning apps

You might've noticed your Android device getting slow as the time passes. This happens because your memory is occupied by lots of data and files. To get the most out of your Android device you need to keep it clean.

Here is a list of best cleaning apps for Android which free up your Android device memory. These Cleaning apps deletes all temporary files which are not needed e.g it deletes thumbnails of images which keep space but there is no need for thumbnails. It deletes all temporary files which are not needed e.g it deletes thumbnails of images which keep space but there is no need for thumbnails. Keep reading to know top 10 apps that clean your Android device. Also, check out these 6 ways to free up space on your Android device. So without further ado, let's check out these Top 10 best android cleaner and optimizer apps.

List of Best Cleaning Apps For Android

1. Super Speed Booster - Cleaner (4.8 rating)

Android cleaning apps

This app is one of the best android cleaner and optimizer out there. It not only cleans your junk files but it also boosts memory hence making your phone run fast and smooth. Moreover, you can effectively manage the apps and maintain the battery life by killing background apps. It also provides a smooth user interface. And it has a really good rating of 4.8. So it is a must try best cleaning app for Android.

2. Clean master - (4.7 rating)

Android cleaning apps

Clean master cleans your device by removing junk files, residual data, and cache files hence, boosting the performance of your device. This app is junk cleaner but it is also an antivirus too. It keeps your device safe from virus. Moreover, you can hide and encrypt private photos and videos. This super app can also detect fake WiFi. You really want to check out this one it's absolutely brilliant! Clean Master is one of the best android cleaning app that you should try.

3. Norton Clean, Junk Removal - (4.7 rating)

Android cleaning apps

Norton comes with a long line of cleaning apps and software for desktops, laptops, phones, and tabs. It is one of the most wide-spread best cleaning app for Android. It clears the cache, junk files, optimizes memory space, manages apps and it also gets rid of the bloatware. It also helps to remove APK files that have become obsolete. And it provides an app manager that suggests you to uninstall infrequently used apps.

4. Speed Booster - (4.7 rating)

Android cleaning apps

Speed Booster provides a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. It provides functions like CPU cooling, junk removal, cache cleaning, boosts battery and more. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a game speed booster that accelerates your gaming experience. Although they claim it to be the "World's Smallest Speed Booster App" the total size of the app is about 20 MB. And the best thing? It is ad-free! So if ads irritate you then you should this best android cleaner without ads.

5. Super Cleaner- (4.7 rating)

Android cleaning apps

This is another all-in-one kind of Android cleaning app. It cleans junk, cache and boosts performance. It provides app locker, app manager, cools the CPU and claims to boost battery by 60%. It also boosts games. Most of the high-end graphics game can take up lots of space and RAM, therefore if you are an avid gamer then you might want to give this app a try.

 6. Power Clean - (4.6 rating)

Android cleaning apps

Power Clean provides advanced cleaning and speeds up your device. One tap clean and boost, obsolete APK cleaner, junk photo cleanup, and many more features are packed in this app. Furthermore, it is also equipped with app lock and app manager, but most noteworthy is "Duplicate Photos" feature. It helps you to spot duplicate photos on your device, delete the copies and keep the best ones. Most of the reviews are positive, so you can give this cleaning app a try.

7. DU cleaner - (4.5 rating)

Android cleaning apps

DU cleaner app provides junk, cache and residual memory cleaning. It does an intelligent analysis to dig deep and help you remove what is useless and keep what you need. It removes useless APKs and boosts up the memory. And, using the one tap boost you can directly optimize your device from the home screen. In addition, they profess to help fight against deceptive ads.

8. Avast Cleanup & Boost - (4.5 rating)

Android cleaning apps

Avast Cleanup and Boost comes with a very simple user interface. It gives you time to time alerts when the "bin" is full of useless stuff and tells you to tap the button to clean it. It gives simple and advanced cleaning options. In advanced cleaning, you can sort the data and files by size or date and this way it simplifies the whole process for you. In addition, it provides an interesting feature called "Ignore list" which allows you to mark data that you don't want to be cleaned. And most of all, this app takes a very minimal amount of space on your device. So if you want to need time to time nofication then you should try this cleaning app for your Android phone.

9. CCleaner - (4.4 rating)

Android cleaning apps

CCleaner is easy to use Android cleaning app to reclaim your storage space. You can remove cache, junk, clean your folders and browser history. Moreover, you can delete call logs and SMS in bulk or individually. It helps you to monitor your device so you can browse safely. You can also check out the battery levels and temperature. Besides, you can uninstall multiple unwanted apps at once.

10. Fastest Clean - (4.5 rating)

Android cleaning apps

Using Fastest Clean, you can track your RAM usage and clean up the cache and junk to get your phone working smoothly again. UI is colorful and friendly. The app itself is compact and efficient occupying less memory. It extends the battery life of your device by hibernating the apps that are seldom used. Moreover, it cools your device, therefore, protecting it from overheating. So, you can try this app as it is also ad-free and enjoy this best android cleaner without ads.

Some final thoughts -

All the apps mentioned above are free and you have to try whichever seems best to you. They all have excellent ratings and reviews are on a scale of mixed to good. So, in conclusion, it's best if you try them out yourself on your device. Most noteworthy is that cleaning your device is necessary in order to extend its lifetime and maintain it's efficiency and functioning. So it's probably a good idea to have one of these apps on your device.