How to Unlock Bootloader of any Motorola Device using Fastboot


Want to customize your Motorola device or Root access your Moto device? So before doing this, you need to unlock your Motorola Device Bootloader to customize your device smoothly. Unlocking bootloader is not the required step before Rooting or installing custom ROM on your phone. But locked bootloader increases the risk to change your device into bricked one. So to skip the risk we recommended to unlock your device bootloader before Rooting or installing custom ROM.

What is Bootloader

A bootloader is a program that is run every time when your device is starting up. It is the first command that is run before Operating system. The bootloader has several ways to boot an operating system. Suppose if your Android device has multiple operating systems like Computer then bootloader decide which operating system will run and which will not. So Now its time to start the process to unlock the bootloader of Motorola devices.

Note: Unlocking bootloader may void the warranty of your smartphones.


  1. Make sure your device battery must be greater than 60%.

  2. Download and install the Motorola USB drivers on your Computer.

  3. Install the Minimal ADB-FASTBOOT tool on your PC or just download ADB-FASTBOOT tool zip.

Download Section

  1. Motorola USB drivers | Download

  2. Minimal ADB-FASTBOOT tool | Download

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Follow these steps to unlock your Motorola Device Bootloader

  1. The first step is to Enable USB debugging in your Motorola device. To enable USB debugging you have open mobile settings and navigate to about option. In about there might be an option of Build Number, just click on Build number 7 times. A pop-up will appear that says You are a developer now.Unlock Bootloader

  2. Now goto mobile settings again you will see an extra option which is Developer Options. Click on Developer option and USB debugging option to enable it. For more detail, Read How to Enable USB debugging in AndroidUnlock Bootloader

  3. Power off your device and turn it on into FASTBOOT mode and connect USB cable. To do so just press volume down key + power key simultaneously.Unlock Bootloader

  4. Extract the downloaded ADB-FASTBOOT tool zip into some folder and rename this folder as "adb-fastboot" for remembering.

  5. Navigate to "adb-fastboot" folder and open it. Now hold shift on the keyboard and right-click on an empty space and select  “Open command window here  to open CMD window.Unlock Bootloader

  6. Now its time to run following fastboot commands on the command prompt.

    fastboot devices

    When you enter the above fastboot command in the terminal, it will list down all the connected motorola devices.Unlock Bootloader

    fastboot oem get_unlock_data

    Unlock BootloaderThe fastboot oem get_unlock_dat fastboot command will return the coded string which looks similar to above image. Now copy this coded string and paste into the notepad and remove space between the string. The string will look like after removing all the spaces. Unlock Bootloader

  7. Copy the above-coded string(without spaces) and goto the Motolora website to check whether your motorola device can be unlocked or not by pasting the string into the input box and click Can my device be unlocked? button.Unlock Bootloader

  8. After clicking on Can my device be unlocked?  Motorola will send a unique (20 character alphanumeric code)  through email. Check your email and copy that unique key.Unlock Bootloader

  9. Now run the below fastboot command on command prompt.

    fastboot oem unlock YOURKEY

    Replace YOURKEY with the key you have copied from email Unlock Bootloader

That's it guys you have successfully unlocked your Motorola Device bootloader. You can check it through Basic Root Checker app which is available in play store. Now you can Root your device without fear of losing it(bricked) or install the custom recovery. Also, watch the below video for more understanding.

Happy unlocking...

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