How to Hide your Online Activity Status on Instagram


Instagram is a popular social media platform owned by Meta. You can share pictures, make and upload reels, chat with your friends, and do many other things on Instagram. Almost every one of us has an Instagram account and likes to browse content, explore pages & posts, and follow our favorite personalities.

Like other social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Instagram too cares for its users’ privacy and therefore it offers numerous options to tweak your account settings and one of them is regarding your online activity status. The ability of others to see when you’re active online depends upon whether you’ve turned your activity status on or off. This article will help you with the proper steps to hide your online status on Instagram from both your smartphone and desktop.

Hide Online Activity Status on Instagram from phone

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
    open instagram app

  2. Click on your profile icon and go to your profile dashboard.
    go to profile

  3. At the top right corner, click on the hamburger icon to open the Instagram menu.
    instagram menu

  4. Next, select Settings from the menu options.
    open settings

  5. Under Settings, goto Privacy >Activity status
    hide status on instagram

  6. Now you’ll have two options i.e. Show activity status & Show when you’re active together . To completely hide your active status disable the first one(disabling Show activity status will also disable the second option), and you are done.
    hide activity status

Hide Active Status on Instagram from desktop

  1. Open any web browser on your desktop, and visit the Instagram page by typing in the address bar.
    open instagram website

  2. Log in to your Instagram account by entering your credentials.
    insatgram log in

  3. After successfully logging in to your account, click on More at the bottom left corner.
    more option

  4. Next, goto settings > Privacy and security > activity status
    desktop privacy and security settings

  5. Now you’ll be seeing the Activity status option. Uncheck the Show activity status box and you are done.

    uncheck activity status

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