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LinkedIn is a social media platform mostly used by companies, big and small businesses, job seekers and employers, students, and others. It helps to balancethe supply and demand of employees/job seekers by bringing them together on the same platform. Like other social media apps, LinkedIn too has tons of features to connect with others, get exposure and explore new content.

Numerous people engage themselves in various activities daily on LinkedIn ranging from posting articles and jobs to building connections. However, there aretimes when we are compelled to block some profiles on LinkedIn due to our privacy concerns and that’s why it’sessential for such platforms to havethat feature. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can block someone on LinkedIn, both from your phone and desktop.

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn From Phone

  1. Open the LinkedIn app on your phone.
    linkedin mobile app

  2. Visit the LinkedIn profile you want to block and then click on the three dotsbeside Message to access the account option.
    visit profile

  3. Click on the Report or block option.
    report or block account

  4. Under the Report section, select Block XYZ (Profile name).block profile

  5. Now finally click on Block to block that LinkedIn profile.block account

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn From Desktop

  1. Open Chrome or any other web browser on your desktop, go to the address bar and type the following address-
    linkedin website

  2. Upon visiting the LinkedIn website, complete the Sign in process to access your account.linkedin sign in

  3. Visit the LinkedIn profile you want to block and click on More beside Message.

  4. Underthe More menu, click on Report/Block.more menu

  5. Under the Report section, select Block XYZ (Profile name).
    report account

  6. You will get a final confirmation message to block that LinkedIn profile, so click on Block and you are done with the blocking on block

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