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WhatsApp is a messaging app that has a feature called statusthat lets you share photos and videos for 24 hours. You may find something interesting in the WhatsApp status that you want to download and share with others.Some people may take screenshots of their WhatsApp status or record screens but, it is not as good as downloading them.

So here are two ways by which you can easily download the Whatsapp status videos and photos. One way is using the Google files and the other one using Status Saver. In this tutorial, we will follow both methods to download WhatsApp images and videos.

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Method #1: Download WhatsApp status video and photos using Google files

This method required to download and install the Google file app on your mobile phone. Once you installed the Google file app, just open it and follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Google files app and click on the three lines on the top left corner and go to SettingsDownload whatsapp status using google files

  2. Next, you need to enable Show Hidden Files under the Browse section.Download whatsapp status

  3. Now go back to Browse and open internal storage. Inside internal storage, you will find the WhatsApp folder. And from there, goto WhatsApp>>Media>>Statuses. In the Statuses folder, all the statuses you have seen are available here. Copy the ones you want to download and paste them in a non-hidden folder or create a new folder to save them.WhatsApp statutes download

Method #2: Download WhatsApp status video and photos using Status Saver

The second way to download WhatsApp status videos and photos is by using Status Saver. The app is easy to use and quick. It is also free but does contain ads.

When you open the Status Saver app, all the statuses you have seen are available on the first page. Click on the one you want to save. The Status Saver has an inbuilt viewer to view statuses on the app. On the top right corner, there is a download button simply click on it to download and save the status in a folder named StatusDownloader.

download whatsapp status video and photos

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You can also use other Status-Server apps to download WhatsApp images and videos. Below are some other status downloaders you can try, that work in a similar way:

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