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June 25, 2018 7382 Shreya Apple animoji now for your Android Phone!

Apple animoji is for everyone- even if you use an Android device!

Talking Tomcat was one of the earliest response and mimicking application, repeating every word spoken by you. A lot has changed over the years since Talking Tomcat and now we have an entire animated animal to mimic us right from facial expressions to speech!

So what if you don't have an iPhone, you can still mimic it's latest features!

What's an Animoji you ask?

Since search results already landed you on this page, you already know you want an Animoji. The apple's Memoji is the latest integration of augmented reality (AR) into the real world. Just when you were busy catching on with the face recognition and fingerprint recognition, Apple introduced tongue detection and more firm facial-feature recognition to create a virtual version of yourself!

You can build your own lookalike, which is virtual in nature. The process is easy and you start from the ground, building yourself up, just like Bitmoji. Adjust your hair, fine-tune your freckles, wear your accessories like you normally do and turn yourself into an adorable panda or a dinosaur. This feature is fun to use and can be utilized in regular chatting. You can also use these as stickers!

The trend is already catching on, and people are having a blast with it...all thanks to modern technology, that it appears as real as you expect it to be.

The personalized cartoon hybrid of yourself, Animoji, is fad and is here to stay!

Animoji for your Android device:

Initially, the application was available at Google Play Store but got removed recently. However, we have a fix for you, as DroidTechKnow is your one-stop for all things technical that you can't find elsewhere. Here's a two-step short and easy guide on how to get Animoji's on your Android phone:

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Open the application on your phone. Ensure that your surroundings are well-light.

You are now all set to enjoy the features of this application to create your own Animoji.

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Animate yourself like never before! Vomit rainbows by becoming Donald Trump or a unicorn- a mythical creature, we don't judge!


If you are crazy about Animoji, the Supermoji application is the best application which replicates Apple's flagship feature the closest. However, it doesn't catch facial expressions quite well like the original Apple's animoji does. But that did not stop other thousands of active users across the globe!

Join in the fun, and do tag us on your wonderful animojis shared on your socials.