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Google never fails to surprise us with new products. It has mastered itself in providing maximum of the products to increase our productivity. With the new year approaching, Google has announced an all-new VPN service; it is none other than Google One VPN. It seems as if Google is tired of all the complaints about online activity not being safe while using Google. Anyway thanks to it, now you will not have to look for VPNs and VPN browsers for keeping your online activity safe. You can always have Google One VPN with you. The service is available through the Google One VPN app for Android as well as iOS users. Google has already rolled out its Google one VPN service in the USA and will be released throughout the World soon.

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What is Google ONE VPN?

Google one VPN is a new VPN service started by Google, which helps you encrypt your online activity, thereby adding an extra security layer. In simple words, your online security will be increased if you happen to use Google One VPN. For US users, Google One VPN is included in the$9.99/month plan.

As mentioned earlier, Googe one VPN provides you extra Online protection. The best part is you do not have to worry about the browser or app you are using for online activity. It works the same for all browsers or apps. You can say Goodbye to your trust issues as Privacy and security is the core of Google One VPN.

Google One VPN Features

  • Using Googe one VPN, you can stream, browse, and download without worrying about privacy. This is because you can do all these things on an encrypted as well as private connection.

  • If you are on unsecured networks such as public wifi, Google One VPN acts as shields and protects you from hackers.

  • Like a true VPN, Google One VPN helps hide IP addresses and prevent third parties from tracking you.

  • Additionally, you are also safe from Google’s prying eyes, as Google will never use the VPN connection to eavesdrop on your browsing activity.

  • Thanks to the advanced security built-in, no one can use the VPN to track down your identity.

  • The newest feature coming in 2021 will take Google one VPN to a whole new level by making client libraries open-sourced.

  • Google One ensures a fast performance, even if the VPN is running in the background.

  • Last but not least, it is super easy to use Google One VPN. Just one tap is keeping you away from using Googe One VPN.

How does Google One VPN work?

Before moving on to how Google One VPN really works, Frist, let us know how a browser actually communicates. Well, your browser and the apps present on your phone often communicate sensitive information. There are sites and apps which lack encryption or features weak encryption. So while there is an exchange of data, unsecured data are grasped and modified by the hackers, which ultimately leads to compromised privacy and security.

To save yourself from these hackers, you will need to enable Google One VPN. Once you enable VPN, your online data will no longer be accessed by hackers. The online data will travel through a strongly encrypted tunnel. This strongly encrypted tunnel is Google One VPN.

How to set up Google One VPN?

If you are already a member of Google One on a 2TB plan or higher, then you will be enjoying the advantage of using Google One VPN without any further payment. All you have to do is turn on the VPN with just one tap on the Google One Android app.

To set up Google One VPN, you need to be a Google One member, as mentioned earlier. But if you are not, don’t worry; follow our lead to set up Google One VPN.

  1. Download Google One from the Play Store or App Store. If you are already a Google One member, you will have to upgrade to a 2TB plan.

  2. Once you have completed downloading the app and upgraded the plan to a 2TB Google Drive Plan, You will find that Google VPN is added to Google One after updating it. If you do not find any, go to the Play Store and update the Google One manually.

  3. After you are done with the above-mentioned steps, open the Google One app, you will find yourself looking into “Online protection with a VPN”. To start your VPN service, click on “Enable VPN.”
    enable google one vpn

  4. On clicking “Enable VPN,” a new window will open where you will have toggle open for the VPN to start.
    enable google one vpn using toggle

  5. By doing so, the connection request will pop up in your window. Click on “OK” to enable Google One VPN.

  6. To be sure that your VPN is at work, you can check for the little key icon to appear on your device’s notification area.
    google one vpn in notification

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