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How To Put Parental Control On YouTube | Parental Control Guide

how-to Dolly

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put parental control on YouTube in your web browser and Android devices.


Google Drive vs. Dropbox vs. Onedrive: Which One Is Better

differences Reeya

Google Drive vs Dropbox vs OneDrive: Which One is Better? Analysis on the basis of Cost, Storage, File Sync, File Sharing and Security. The winner is....


Sorting Algorithms Explained With Examples In JavaScript | DroidTechKnow

programming Gulfam

Sorting is the fundamental algorithm in computer science to arrange(ascending or descending) the data elements in the list. Bubble Sort, Quicksort, Merge Sort


10 Best Privacy Apps for Android and iOS Devices

top-things Seema

Here are the 10 best privacy apps that can improve the privacy of your mobile devices and you will be free from risks revolving around online activities.


6 Awesome Gmail Hacks And Tricks That You Didn't Know

tips-and-tricks Abhimanyu

What if you can tweak a few settings to make emailing faster? Sounds exciting? Try these Gmail hacks and tricks to make your job less cumbersome.


How To Hack The Hidden Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

how-to Seema

Here are all the cheats you can use to hack Chrome Dinosaur Game to achieve incincibility or to increase the speed or jump velocity.


10 Best Gmail Add-Ons And Extensions To Enhance Your Email Productivity

top-things Reeya

List of 10 best Gmail add-ons and extensions to enhance your email productivity. RightInbox, Boomerang, Zoom for Gmail, Checker Plus for Gmail, and many more.


10 Best Artificial Intelligence(AI) Apps For Android And iOS

top-things Reeya

List of 10 best artificial intelligence apps for Android and iOS. Hound, FaceApp, Alexa, ELSA, Socratic, Databot, Robin, Replika and many more.


How Do I Get Vertical Tabs in Google Chrome | Vertical Tab Chrome Extension

how-to Reeya

Here is an easy way to get vertical tabs in Google chrome. Download third-party extensions like Vertical Tabs, Tab Manager v2, Vertical Tabs, and Bookmarks for the feature.


10 Best Chrome Extensions For Students and Teachers- [2021 Update]

top-things Reeya

List of 10 best Chrome extensions for students and teachers. Kamii, Dualless, PowerThesaurus, Voice In VoiceTyping, StayFocusd and many more.