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Top 10 Best Photo Gallery Apps In Android - DroidTechKnow

top-things Smrithy

The top 10 best photo gallery apps in android are discussed below with its features and functionalities. These applications are quick and clean when compared to most of the existing android applications.


How To Find Your IP Address On Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 | Linux

how-to Gulfam

There are lots of ways to find the IP address of your Ubuntu system. To find your local IP address, just open the terminal and run 'ip addr show' command.


FaceApp: Know Everything About The All New App And Its Policies

news Smrithy

FaceApp can simply take us to our future look or just take us a few years back using one of the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence has created a hype all around the world.


10 Fascinating Tricks Of Instagram That You Never Knew

tips-and-tricks Smrithy

Instagram, a photo-sharing application has quite a lot of hidden features and a lot of cool tricks which is better than any other platform.


5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android In 2019

top-things Bidisha

In this article, we would be listing the top 5 best photo editing apps and for convenience sake, we would be sticking to Android. The list includes Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop, Lens Distortions, Afterlight and VSCO.


Best Online High-In-Fashion Shopping Websites In The World

top-things Bidisha

I have curated some of the most amazing high-in-fashion shopping websites from all over the world on this article for you to have the best online shopping experience ever.


Top 5 Best Popular JavaScript Frameworks to learn in 2019

programming Gulfam

JavaScript Frameworks are a collection of pre-written JS code that helps you to create interactive applications without writing the terrible line of code. There is a list of JavaScript framework which includes Angular, React, Vue, Ember and Meteor.


Photo Editors based on Artificial Intelligence - Do Robots know the best filters?

top-things Shreya Patoa

Photo editor based on artificial intelligence for unexpected fun results are the hype today. Artificial intelligence has automated many tasks, now photo editors. Getting sketched by artists is fun, but expensive to mention at least.


Hidden Camera Detector using your Smartphone - DroidTechKnow

tips-and-tricks Shreya Patoa

Hidden camera detector methodology is nothing anybody wanted to learn in the first place for privacy reasons. In this article, you'll learn that your smartphone can act as a hidden camera detector with little itsy-bitsy settings.


Useful Websites for Students: Bookmark these Today! - DroidTechKnow

top-things Shreya Patoa

Useful websites for students which are random yet will be helpful to you as a student atleast once in your student life. Here is a list of these useful websites.