How to free up space on Android devices | 8 Updated Easy Ways

top-things Komal Rangoonwala

Getting the“Insufficient storage available” alerts when we try to download a new app or some data. Here are 6 ways to free up space on the Android device.


How to use two WhatsApp in one Phone without Root

tips-and-tricks Simran

In this guide, we will help you to run the two Whatsapp in one phone with or without root with the help GB WhatsApp, or the Parallel Space app.


Top 10 Best Cleaning Apps For Android | DroidTechKnow

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Here is a list of best cleaning apps for Android which free up your Android device memory. These Cleaning apps deletes all temporary files which are not needed e.g it deletes thumbnails of images which keep space but there is no need for thumbnails.


Top 10 image optimization tools for image compression

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Low disk space? Need to optimize? Here is the list of top 10 Image optimization tools that will reduce the size of your images


10 Best Mental Health Apps Of 2020 | Android and iOS | DroidTechKnow

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10 Best Mental Health Apps of 2020...Youper AI Therapy, Whats Up?, Moodpath, Wysa, Ginger emotional support, Headspace, Replika, unmind, Calm, sanvello...


10 Best iPad And iPhone Cleaner Apps That Free Up Space In Your iOS

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Here is a list of the best iPad and iPhone cleaner app for your iOS device so that you can have a clutter-free mobile life and never see the Storage Full warning again.


Sorting Algorithms Explained With Examples In JavaScript | DroidTechKnow

programming Gulfam

Sorting is the fundamental algorithm in computer science to arrange(ascending or descending) the data elements in the list. Bubble Sort, Quicksort, Merge Sort


Top Netflix Space Based Series And Movies to Watch in 2021

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Are you searching for a good Space-based series or movie to watch on Netflix? Check out our list of top series and movies based on Space to watch on Netflix.