Drawing Apps - Best Procreate Alternatives for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows


Drawing is being pursued by many people these days and there are apps such as Procreate and it’s various best procreate alternatives that provide artists with all tools for their drawing. Procreate eliminates the struggle of carrying plenty of tools to finish an artwork. Procreate is a painting and sketching application that is made for creative professionals. It is a perfect tool for graphic artists. You can draw using the tools available with these apps. Procreate enables you to add colours, textures and you can create a quick drawing or amazing piece of art. But procreate is available on iOS or Mac devices. We have a number of best procreate alternatives that let us use it on Android and Windows devices as well.

Procreate app has millions of users who can access its features like a quick menu, 64-bit colour, customized setting and much more. It has been the best solution for all painting lovers. As procreate is a commercial app it is available to use on the iOS platform only. This app provides you with all the required drawing tools to help you create beautiful sketches, paintings, and different types of illustrations. But if you don’t have an iOS or Mac device you can try these best Procreate alternatives for Windows and Android to keep going with your drawings.

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List of 15 best procreate alternatives for Windows and Android

1. AutoDesk SketchBook

Best procreate alternatives

AutoDesk is among the most used procreate alternatives for Android and Windows. You can explore your creativity and create quick as well as fully finished artworks. It gives you access to creative sketching tools and it is free for everyone to use. You can experience a user-friendly interface with it and also export your artwork as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF etc. It maximizes the drawing space on every device you want to use it making it easier to use. The best of this procreate alternative is that they provide a fully-featured version of SketchBook FREE for every individual.


  • Free for all individual up to 7 days

  • User-friendly interface

  • Scan paper images

  • Work on all devices like MacBook, Windows, Android, and iOS

  • 3-year subscription free for students

Availability: Android, Macbook, iOS, Windows

Price: Free, $85/year for Enterprise

2. MediBang paint

Best procreate alternatives

MediBang is very easy and lightweight software as compared to Procreate to paint your imaginations. This procreate alternative gives you a classic interface along with various editing tools. There are lots of brushes and comic fonts available to create your paintings. You can also use it on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and so on. It is among the best procreate alternatives as it is a lightweight software that can be used for illustration and making comic books on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.


  • Cloud saving

  • Available on multiple platforms

  • Creative tools for illustrators

  • Available for all devices like Mac, Windows, and mobile devices

  • Easily edit your work

  • Adding dialogue with speech to text

  • Website having tutorials for all the platforms

  • Customize shortcuts on your need

  • Provide maximum drawing space

  • Pre-made tones and background 

Availability: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android

Price: Free

3. ibis Paint X

Best procreate alternatives

ibis Paint X is a great alternative to Procreate to work on multiple layers for sketching like Procreate. ibis paint is best suited for manga and anime. The app comes with lots of fonts, brushes, filters, blending modes, recording drawing processes, and so on. You can use radial Line rulers or symmetry rulers for enhancing your drawings. ibis provides you to share your artwork with a large community and also see their design to learn.

ibis Paint X provides you with a smooth and easy drawing experience. The brush selection and customization in the add-on are extraordinary, and the effects are beautiful making it the best procreate alternatives app. The main con of this Procreate alternative is that it is only available for mobile devices only.


  • Smooth drawing

  • Stroke stabilization

  • Highly functional and professional

  • Recording your drawing process

  • Clipping mask

  • You can learn the ibis paint X from their tutorials. They have a Youtube channel for ibis Paint X tutorials.

  • Share your design with other people.

  • Real-time brush preview.

  • Like Procreate you can add an unlimited number of layers.

Availability: Android and iOS

Price: Free, In-App Purchases: $4-$6

4. InspirARTion

Best procreate alternatives

inspirARTtion is a procreate android alternative which gives you space to open your creativity. It is a simple app so a beginner, as well as a master artist, can use it. You can create a unique design on your smartphone or tablet. It can be also used as a procreate for windows as you can try it even online. You can access a number of brushes and enhance your sketch. It allows you to utilize different types of effects and you can also use existing photos as templates.


  • Special brush effects

  • Variety of colours

  • Inspires creativity

  • Symmetry mode

  • Available online as well

Availability: Android

Price: Free

5. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Best procreate alternatives

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is one of the best procreate Alternatives app to draw a masterpiece. You can start drawing using its various tools like pencils, pen, ink brush, soft pastel, and watercolor paintbrushes. The app interacts naturally with the canvas,  including ink pen and graphite pencil. With the help of the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app, you can easily import photoshop brushes and export your work to Lightroom or Photoshop. You can also save the file in PSD format so you can import the file in Photoshop as well.

The app comes with a significantly fewer number of brushes as compared to the Procreate app. However, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is the best Procreate alternative app that is available for macOS, Android, and iOS devices.


  • Drawing like the real thing - pens, pencil, erasers, and customized brushes

  • Upload your artwork on a community gallery and also see others' artwork.

  • Send your work to Adobe photoshop.

  • Create customize brushes to paint.

  • Built-in Graph makes it possible to draw a 3D world using 2D.

  • The app is supports drawing hardware like Pencil by FiftyThree.

Availability: macOS, Android, and iOS

Price: Free

6. Concepts

Best procreate alternatives

Concepts is best suited procreate alternative for Windows OS which gives you enough space to think and create sketches. The app is trusted by well-reputed companies like Disney and PlayStation. It is now also available for Android and iOS as well where you can sketch your ideas on canvas or do doodle on your mobile device as well. You can share your work with friends or clients. It is free and its tools are unique with infinite canvas and JPG exports. You can move and adjust your sketch by the tool, color, size, smoothing, and scale.


  • Realistic pencils, pens and brushes

  • Infinite canvas

  • A tool wheel

  • Infinite layering system

  • Flexible vector-based sketching

  • Duplicate your work

Availability: Windows 10, iOS, Chrome OS, and Android

Price: Free, In-App Purchases: $10 or $5 per month

7. Drawing Desk

Best procreate alternatives

Drawing Desk is an amazing free procreate alternative for Android and iOS devices. It is a suitable drawing app for adults and kids as well. With an easy to use interface, you can start drawing doodling, painting, and coloring now. It can be used as a way to relax your mind and enjoy the coloring tools provided on it. It is one of the best procreate alternatives with a user-friendly interface. You can use its 4 unique drawing modes, which are Kids Desk, Sketch Desk, Doodle Desk, and Photo Desk to work according to your preference.


  • 3D brushes and Stickers

  • Colour and recolour

  • Super Easy controls

  • Unique touch effects

  • Works offline

  • 1000+ Coloring pages to color and recolor

Availability: Android, and iOS

Price: Free

8. PaperColor

Best procreate alternatives

PaperColor is an excellent app for beginners and the best Procreate Android alternative app to draw and doodle graffiti. They have different styles of paintbrush and color library that helps you create better artwork. It can be used to draw on your phone or tablet. You can also share your work through it. The base map helps you to learn drawing in a simpler way.


  • Exquisite drawing tools

  • Mark in your photo

  • Draw on picture

  • Handwriting signature

Availability: Android

Price: $1 to $5 /item

9. Paintology

Best procreate alternatives

Paintology is an Android procreate alternative that offers digital drawing abilities and tutorials with access to the social community. You can easily learn drawing or share your artwork, and even get connected with other users. It has all kinds of adjustments that work perfectly. It gives you the best experience to draw digitally. You can create unique artwork with its features. It can provide you access to over 100 tutorials for free which can help you to improve your skills. You can use its various drawing modes like canvas mode, overlay mode, Trace mode, Inspiration.


  • Unique drawing video tutorials

  • Daily updates to tutorials

  • 20 brush types

  • An infinite number of effects

Availability: Android

Price: Free

10. ArtFlow

Best procreate alternatives

ArtFlow is the most robust drawing Android procreate alternative app. It has the ability to build custom brushes which is excellent. The line smoothing tools are great. Its layer effects and blending options are easy to use. This app is a great first step into digital drawing. It provides you with 80 paintbrushes, smudge, fills, and an eraser tool. With the help of pressure-sensitive pens, you can easily convert your device into a canvas.


  • 100+ brushes and tools

  • High performance

  • Layer clipping mask

  • 10 layer filters

  • Create custom brushes from imported images

  • Import and export supports PNG, JPG and PSD(Photoshop format)

Availability: Android

Price: $2 to $5 /item

11. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter: best procreate alternative for Android and ios

Infinite Painter is not popular but the best Procreate alternative for Android. The app is well known for its superior brushes, tools, and interface. Currently, the Infinity Painter developer team released the app for iOS devices as well.Infinite Painter offers 160+ choices for brushes. It is not just a painting or sketching app, it can do lots more like turn your photo into a painting. The app also supports PSD layers in import and export.


  • 160+ natural brushes for painting.

  • Interactive and easy user interface.

  • Turn your photo into the paint.

  • Import and export your artwork into PSD form.

  • Export imagesJPEG, PNG, PSD, or ZIP

  • Share your artwork with the Infinite Painter community.

Availability: Android, iOS

Price: Free, In-App Purchases

12. Krita

Krita: best procreate alternative for Windows, macOS and linux

Krita is a professional and open-source painting tool that is 100% free for all. The tool is best suited for professionals who are searching for Procreate alternatives. Krita provides you all the tools like brushes, layer management, drawing assistance, HDR painting to make a perfect masterpiece. The app is currently available for the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. The developer of Krita always keeps an eye watch on the community to fix any issue or bug and stabilize the app.


  • Open-source tool always remains free.

  • Clear and flexible UI.

  • Drawing assistance.

  • PSD support.

  • Supports HDR painting as well.

Availability: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Price: Free

13. Art Rage


Art Rage is another one of the best procreate alternative app that runs on Android, iPad, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The emphasis is towards taking a classic route and is a much better option for veteran artists who are into traditional artworks. It works incredibly by mimicking real paint with a natural flair, surprising you with a classic look, mood, and feel.

The software comes with multiple types of brushes, which can be customized endlessly and can work wonders in a short period. Special effects tools like glitter tubes, gloop pens are available to give a realistic touch. There are mobile app versions to please the advanced illustrators. It offers extensive tutorials for a hands-on experience of the software.


  1. Special effects tool

  2. Real media drawings and painting tools

  3. Compatible with S-Pen and Wacom Styluses

  4. User-friendly interface

  5. Export and import as PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PSD

  6. Ability to store your favorite settings as custom presets.

  7. Reasonable and affordable availability- Android, iPad, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Availability:Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android

Price: $4.99

14. Tayasui Sketches


Tayasui Sketches is the best procreate alternative for those people who wants to create plain, realistic, and versatile doodles and sketches. The sole emphasis is towards a clutter-free interface with easy-to-handle tools. The plus point for this app is that it can run on any budget android device without any sluggishness.


  1. Compatible with pencil and stylus.

  2. Clutter-free interface for a realistic experience

  3. Useful and efficient blending mode

  4. Very handy brush editor

Availability: Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS


15. Corel Painter 2022

Corel Painter 2022

Corel Painter is one of the best drawings apps that comes with a wide range of brushes, exclusive particles, thick paintbrushes creating dazzling artwork on the digital canvas. The Navigation Panel works wonders in keeping tones and values right. It has come up with a community of users learning hands-on experience of the software through extensive tutorial support.


  1. More than 900 brushes

  2. Library of tutorials for beginners

  3. Brush size library

  4. Customized palettes, brushes, and workspace drafts

  5. Useful Auto-painting and cloning tools

Availability: Windows and macOS

Price: Free trial for 15 days, $199 per year