Find My Device - Find, Lock, Erase an Android Device

how-to Simran

Find my device app will helps you to locate your phone remotely, lock, and delete all data from your lost or stolen phone.


Google Maps Tips and Tricks only Power Users know!

tips-and-tricks Shreya

Get Google Maps and literally carry information about every possible place on the face of Earth! Discover tricks & tips to make the best use of Google Maps.


How To Find Your IP Address On Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 | Linux

how-to Gulfam

There are lots of ways to find the IP address of your Ubuntu system. To find your local IP address, just open the terminal and run 'ip addr show' command.


Battery Saving Tips To Increase Mobile Battery Life | DroidTechKnow

tips-and-tricks Yukta

Here is a complilation of the best battery saving tips to increase mobile battery life. 1. Use Wifi 2. Make Low Brightness 3. Turn off location service 4. Turn off digital assistant...


10 Best Family Tracker Apps for Android and iOS | DroidTechKnow

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Here is a list of top 10 Best Family Tracker Apps for Android and iOS. These apps can easily track your family members and you will always be informed about their whereabouts.


How to share your location in Google Maps | Real Time Location | Map Direction

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Here is an easy way to share your live location or direction with your friends and family in Google Maps via contacts, email, apps, and a shareable link.


How To Share Your Location On Android And iOS Device

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No need to text or explain your location on the call. Learn to share your live location with the help of Google Maps and WhatsApp on iPhone & Android devices.


How to Enable or Disable Location Services in Chrome Browser

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Google Chrome and other web browsers offer location-sharing options that are used by websites like Google Maps, Amazon, etc. to provide precise data to you.


Ways to Find Private and Public IP Address

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IP addresses not only help us to connect to the internet but also helps in identifying the location and the device. Here are the different ways to find your private and public IP address.


How To See Which Apps Using Your Location on Android

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Learn how to view and control the apps having access to your Android device's location data, ensuring enhanced privacy and data security.