How To Install/Flash TWRP Recovery Using Odin On Samsung

how-to Gulfam

This tutorial guides you on How to install TWRP recovery in Samsung device using ODIN. Now Installing TWRP Custom recovery in Samsung Smartphones is a very easy task using ODIN.


The Best Windows 10 applications to get right now!

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Top 10 Windows 10 applications to get you started with your new or old Windows 10 PC. Rely on these applications to make your everyday tasks easier!


How To Set Cron Jobs In Linux - An Introduction to Crontab

programming Gulfam

Overview This article gives you a clear understanding of how to set cron jobs in Linux and Unix-like operating systems. Crontab stands for cron table utilizes the cron daemon to run a task at a regular interval of time.


Google Alternatives: List Of 5 Best Google Alternatives Search Engines

top-things Anushka

There are multiple search engines available on the World Wide Web that can serve as Google Alternatives. These are Bing, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo and Startpage.


Tech Tasks & Important Digital Touch-Ups To Do While You Stay Home

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Tech tasks & important digital touch-ups to do while you stay home. Complete these digital tasks to get some work done for an easier life!


How To Set Up Multiple Time Zone Clocks on Windows 10

how-to Dolly

In this tutorial, we will discuss the two easy methods by which you can add multiple time zone clocks on your taskbar menu and start menu.


5 Essential Gadgets And Tools For All Graphic Designers

top-things Helen Lee

Here is a list of the 5 Essential Gadgets And Tools For All Graphic Designers. These essential items are not only going to help you create incredible designs but will also help make your task easier.