How To Install/Flash TWRP Recovery Using Odin On Samsung

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This tutorial guides you on How to install TWRP recovery in Samsung device using ODIN. Now Installing TWRP Custom recovery in Samsung Smartphones is a very easy task using ODIN.


How to Use Android Apps on PC or Laptop

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Here is a tutorial to use Android apps on your Laptops, Desktop. We all have our smartphones loaded with a number of Android apps nowadays. But have you ever


Best custom ROMs for Android smartphone

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Custom ROMs redefine the style of Android device, enhance the efficiency of Android. Here are list of Best Android custom ROMs you should try.


10 must-have Android apps for Smartphone

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Bought a new Android Phone? Here is the list of some must-have Android apps you have to first install. These apps include WhatsApp, CamScanner, Night Mode.


How to Disable or Enable Safe Mode in Samsung Device - Complete Guide

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Safe mode in Samsung devices used for resolving issues caused by phone software. Safe mode strict the device to use only preinstalled applications to diagnosis the problem.


Foldable Smartphone FlexiPai- World's First and only Release

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Foldable smartphone- technology from the fantasy world is now up for grabs. What makes it unique, plus who made it a reality- read details in this article!


Benefits of Smart Bulbs over normal one - DroidTechKnow

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Smart bulb, smartphone, smart living! These three can be put together into one frame and shape a smarter living for the smarter you. Here you can learn more about smart bulb benefits.


Hidden Camera Detector using your Smartphone - DroidTechKnow

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Hidden camera detector methodology is nothing anybody wanted to learn in the first place for privacy reasons. In this article, you'll learn that your smartphone can act as a hidden camera detector with little itsy-bitsy settings.


Best Android Smartphones Under 10000 In India – November 2019

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Best Mobile Phones Under 10000 in India. Choose from mobile models like Samsung Galaxy M30, Realme 3 Pro,Redmi Note 7s, Motorola One Macro and more.


How To Use Your Android Phone As A WebCam For PC

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Need to buy a WebCam? There is no need to buy a WebCam if you have an Android phone. Now you can easily use your Android smartphone as a webcam for your PC.


NewPipe App - Know More About This Youtube Alternative

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NewPipe is free of cost, open-source, media player app only available for Android users. Created to get YouTube on the smartphone without annoying ads and permissions.


10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android And iOS

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Screen mirroring Apps helps you to mirror or cast your smartphone on your PC. Here is a list of the top 10 best screen mirroring apps for Android and iOS.


10 Best Note-Taking Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones | iPhone | iPad

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Try these best note-taking apps for Android and iOS and start jotting down whatever comes into your mind. Google Note, Samsung Note, Apple Note, Simple note


The 10 Worst Android Phones Of All Time That You Must know

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The 10 Worst Android Phones of the century, and how they came into the list of Worst Android phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Motorola Quench, Nokia N8, Vertu Signature